Michael Occhipinti #12X Mod

Written by Michael Occhipinti.

Michael Occhipinti

Michael Occhipinti #12X Mod -

Michael Occhipinti, Car Number: 12X, Modified -
Age: 35, Hometown: Dearborn, MI

Nickname: fastbackss

Meet the Michael Occhipinti Racing Team:

Car Owner: Mike Stenberg
Crew and Team Members:
Sponsors : Techman Sales Inc. ( - new for 2014
Cg-Lock (
Special thanks to: Cam Behl, Phil Mather
Michael Occhipinti #12X Family and Friends:

Getting to know Michael Occhipinti:

Favorite Racing Memory: It is a tie between pulling on to a racetrack for the very first time and addressing the Springport crowd from the frontstretch last year.
Racing Accomplishments: 2013 - 1x Feature Winner, Rookie of Year, 3rd in points
2008-2012 - competed in TQ midget, legends car, dwarf car
SCCA Solo II – 3x National Championship Trophy Winner
SCCA Solo II / Rallycross – National Tour Event Winner
Competitor I respect :
alt My 2012 Racing Goals: 2014 agenda - Nab a feature win, podium finish in points, defend turf against Top Speed invaders
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