2015 General Rules

Written by SMS Admin.

General Rules are not class specific rules, but the general racing rules and procedures which will be utilized for the 2014 season.  CLICK HERE for an easy print .pdf copy of the general rules.

2015 - General Rules & Procedures
Revision: November 26, 2011

Rules and procedures hereby set forth are for the orderly conduct of racing events. These are minimum requirements for racing events and shall govern such events. All participants of racing events shall comply with these rules and procedures. Springport Motor Speedway is a member of the Michigan Speedway Promoters Association. Sanctions levied by MSPA Member tracks or the MSPA are honored at Springport Motor Speedway

1. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications or compliance with these rules and procedures. They in no way guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official. By participating in purchasing a pit pass at an event at Springport Motor Speedway you are agreeing that you are aware of the General Rules of the Speedway. It is your responsibility to educate yourself on rules and your signature on the release of liability is your personal validation you have familiarized yourself with each year’s rule policy. Signing the pit release form is your contract agreeing that you are familiarized with track rules and policies

2. Signing the pit release gives the speedway rights to utilize your image or photos, videos, electronic or any other medium for advertising, promotion or any other event or circumstance regarding speedway business.  Speedway Entertainment Group LLC. owns the rights to all media generated while on speedway property or at an event in the community promoting racing at Sprinport Motor Speedway.  Any Photographer, Media Member , subcontractor or their employee signing the pit waiver is signing an agreement to these rights.

3. Subcontractors and vendors on speedway property are required to carry their own liability insurance against property damage, loss, or personal injury to themselves or others.  Signing the pit release is their contract of agreement to provide their own insurance protection.

4. Only race director, tech director or the promoter shall permit minor deviations or interpretations of these rules and procedures. His decision is final. Rule deviations are not based on hearsay or opinion of anyone other staff member or volunteer.  Scorers, announcers or pit workers and volunteers are only in charge of helping you with understanding the rules policy .  Any questions about a specific rule or interpretation will be handled after the racing event – not during and never while on the race track. The Race Director is in charge for the race event.  The Tech Director is in charge of Tech Barn decisions and tech policy. Final Say on any matter ultimately is their decision and will not be overturned by the promoter. Springport Motor Speedway will be firm and consistent with all Event and Tech Policy.

5. NO WHINING RULE-If you, as a driver or a crew member, complain to an official or tech person about a competitors car or components, your car may be inspected first then the process may begin on the competitor’s car. This applies to anytime your car is at the speedway. Inspection of your car will be at the discretion of the tech inspector at the time and place of his choosing.

6. No dogs of any breed allowed in the pits or grandstands EXCEPT service dogs. It is recommended the pets remain in the safety of their home. It is not recommended the pets remain in the car.

7. Anyone found guilty of the use of mercury or any other contaminated materials will be barred from speedway and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

8. Tire soaking is prohibited at Springport Motor Speedway. The chemicals found in tire soaking compounds have been found to be potentially  harmful in health studies. You place yourself and others unknown to you at increased risk by handling these types of chemicals.  Tires that you alter due to chemicals or purchase used and bring on speedway property are your responsibility to ensure they are free from tire soak or trace elements of tire soak.  If you are found with soaked tires – they will be confiscated, you will be given time off from competition and you will pay a fine of $100 to be donated to a cancer non profit of the tracks choosing before being allowed to return to competition at the speedway.  Tire soak inspections can and will be performed at random by the Tech Directors discretion.

9. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be consumed in pits by driver, crew members,or fans before or during racing events.

10. If you take any medications that alter your ability to judge distance, increase your risk to a health related adverse reaction or any other circumstance that warrants increased risk to another competitor or staff member called to assist you in an emergency are required to be listed completely on your registration along with your emergency physician contact information.

11. Anyone caught abusing an official or any track employee physically and/or verbally may be suspended and/or barred for the season and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  All monies or points accumulated up to that point will be forfeited.

12. The Speedway reserves the right to line up the starting fields as it sees fit. Format for night’s racing will be posted in pit each week. Weather conditions and/or curfew and/or other factors may require change in night’s schedule of events.  Mid-season championship night and season championship night may be started by points with no inversions or by qualifying order which ever is deemed appropriate by race director.

13. No driver, owner or crewmember shall claim damages or expenses of any type against promoter, track owners or officials by reason of disqualification or damage to car, driver or both.  Speedway Entertainment Group LLC, Its members and its associates are held harmless by the contract for release of liability you sign when entering the pits.

14. Drivers, owners and crewmembers agree that the track is in a safe condition when and if they participate in racing activities. Speedway Entertainment Group LLC, Its members and its associates are held harmless by the contract for release of liability you sign when entering the pits.

15. Drivers are personally responsible for their own actions while on the racing surface at any time and for the condition and safety of thier car.  This is at ANYTIME or ANY Circumstance when the car is in operation, sitting, being towed or any other situaion that may arise from the attempt to compete or practice at the speedway. The are personally responsible for the decisions made while they are racing and at anypoint on the facility grounds. No Speedway official is ever responsible for a drivers actions. Speedway Entertainment Group LLC, Its members and its associates are held harmless by the contract for release of liability you sign when entering the pits.

16. Drivers are responsible for actions of crewmembers and car owners. If anyone leaves their pit area to confront another driver or crewmember, the driver will lose the points and pay for that night, as well the person leaving the pit area will be banned for 1 week determined by officials discretion. Penalty and Discipline for actions or rules violations are subject to track decision at anytime and these decisions may be adjusted at anytime as the race director sees fit.  His decision is final.

17. All cars are subject to inspection at any time. All cars are to be kept in a neat and painted appearance.  Cars have a basic inspection performed before competition.  Track safety rules are provided as industry suggested guidelines for your cars construction.  It is the drivers responsibility to know and ensure the car they are in operation of is constructed in a manner of accepted safe practices.  The speedway is only the avenue for your competition. Your safety and car construction are your responsibility. Speedway Entertainment Group LLC, Its members and its associates are held harmless by the contract for release of liability you sign when entering the pits.

18.  All cars are required to be equipped with approved mufflers. No more than 100 DBA at 100ft.

19. No anti-freeze allowed, any car that is found to have anti-freeze will forfeit all pay and points for the evening and $25.00 for clean up fee.  It is your responsibility to provide to tech the visual proof that your car has been properly flushed after winterization or being constructed for the first time that it is free of antifreeze.

20. All Classes: Pressure relief area in rear of car must be enclosed; side to side and deck to bumper, perpendicular to ground. (LM 12 in tall) All cars must have a number; minimum 18 in x3 in; on both sides of car and on the roof and 6 in tall letters on top, right corner of windshield (you must have this number on your windshield). All lead shall be painted white with car number. All drive shafts to be painted white. All cars are to have window nets. All gas caps shall have car number on them, no exceptions.

21. No glass containers in the pits or in the grandstands. No grilles allowed on track.

22. Everyone must maintain appropriate attire in pits. This includes being fully dressed; enclosed shoes only, no sandals, crocs, flip flops, open toe shoes of any type are allowed in the pits. If you are bringing family members into the pits – ensure that they have proper attire for a competition situation.  Anyone in a worker capacity on your car must be properly protected for safety.  It is your responsibility as the driver.

23. No person is allowed to drive under the age of 16 with parental written permission. All drivers will be required to show legitimate proof of age, preferable with a birth certificate. Anyone 14-17 must have parental consent forms filled out completely prior to entering pits. Do not automatically assume your minor will be eligible for competition at any level.  Proper experience is required at the highest levels of competition at our sport.  Be prepared to provide experience attained upon request.  Also be prepared to be asked to provide practice time to observe your drivers experience level.

24.  No track record is official until car is teched, inspected and weighed.

25. Race tires can be left at track if brought to the tech barn and prior arrangements have been made with tire man.  ANY STEEL BELTED RADIAL MUST LEAVE WITH TEAM.  We do not have a disposal method for radial tires available so you must take your tire with you.

26. No dumping of oil on premises ground.   A used oil container is provided on the south east side of the pit driveway just prior to the tech barn area.  All oil must be placed in disposal container.  Oil spills must be cleaned up per EPA standards.  If a spill occurs notify the pit steward and floor dry will be provided for you to clean up the spill for a nominal fee if you have not brought your own.  When you have the oil captured the track will provide the container for the absorbent to be placed into.

27. All haulers are to have fire extinguishers.

28. All race cars are to have fire extinguishers.

29. All cars are to be registered and must be total and complete to recieve first night’s pay. A complete entry form is to be filled out with the following information; Driver Name, Car Owner, Car Color(s), Drivers address, Drivers Social Security Number, Phone Number(s), Emergency Contacts, and any Sponsors, etc.

30. Pit slabs are available for reservation in the pits at $75.00 per space. Reservations are not final until checks clear and receipts are sent out. Slabs are reserved on a per night basis. If you run a different class and your traditional spot is taken SMS reserves the right to find you another spot. Slabs remain the property of SMS and may not be loaned, borrowed, or transferred. Vehicles operating on a slab will be owned or driven by the reservee.  Nightly rental for a slab is $10 if available.

31. Raceivers are a required component for all cars competing at Springport Motor Speedway.  The Pit Side Gate will have Raceceivers, parts, earbuds and batteries for sale at the track.

32. The track will make the call for incidents on the speedway.  Spinning another car will end up in you being sent to the rear.  If there is no clear indication of what happened both cars will be sent to the rear.  This is a speculation call made by the race director or spotters usually with substantiated opinion of other observers in place.  It is not up for debate AT ANY TIME ON THE RACING SURFACE OR DURING A RACING EVENT. If you have a question about a call made on the track officials will always be available after the nights events to discuss happenings on the racing surface.  Calls are not overturned and neither are points awarded for official finishes.  The speedway has a fixed multiple camera system in place that will be utilized for review on unclear events. Best efforts are made to get the call right EVERY TIME. That being said the human element is involved in all aspects of racing and mistakes will occasionally occur.  It is part of the sport.  IF YOU HAVE TO WRECK A CAR TO MAKE A PASS, YOU WILL BE  SENT TO REAR! The decision made by the official is FINAL.

33. If you stop on the track during a green flag for the sole purpose of bringing out a caution, you will be sent to the pits and forfeit all points for the evening.

34. Each competitor will be allowed two at fault cautions per event.  Cautions assessed will be announced over the receiver to the division.  If you draw a 2nd at fault you will be sent to the pits for the remainder of the event and scored in the order of the finish.  This policy is in place to keep the rough driving to a minimum and to keep the flow of the show moving at an accelerated pace for the fans.

35. Breaking out of your qualifying time.  Because of the structure of bracketed time format your qualifying time is very important.  Breaking out of your time is considered drawing a caution.  If you break out during the heat race you will simply be displayed the black flag and sent to the pits.  You will be explained the differential by which you broke out of time – awarded  the last place  points for that event and be cycled to the rear of your division for the start of your feature.   If you break out during the feature you will be shown the yellow flag – the race will be placed under caution.  Your car will be at the front of the pack one lap down.  The race will then be restarted green.  If another caution comes out you will be cycled to the back of the field at that time.  If not you will remain racing until you can make up your lap or the finish of the race whichever comes first.  The penalty for breaking out is 1 at fault caution.  This places you at risk for being unable to finish if you are deemed at fault for any other reason in a caution.  The penalty for breaking out or sandbagging as commonly known is hard to keep the competition level even and from it becoming a factor in qualifying speed efforts placed.  The fans deserve your best efforts all the time.

36. Fire for any reason will result in the red flag of the race if it occurs on the racing surface.   Any car that catches fire and draws the red flag will be sent to the pits to be inspected prior to being allowed to continue.  The offending problem must be solved before the car will be allowed to compete again.  This requires approval by a tech official and that message relayed via radio to race control before your car will be allowed on the racing surface again.

37. Leaving the racing surface for any reason what so ever after the field has taken to the race surface (even prior to green flag display) will result in your car being tagged to the rear of the event.

38. When the race has begun the only reason a green flag will be held after a caution is for a flat tire repair.  3 laps will be allowed for tire repair under caution during the feature only.  3 laps will not be allowed during the heat race events for tire repair.  If you have a flat during the heat races you will be directed to the pits for the remainder of the race.  No other repairs will allow the race to be held up.  Visible flats only will hold the race caution.  The 3 laps for the team will be granted after that car reaches their pit stall or a designated tire change area which would be clearly posted.  There is no excuse for speeding through the pits.  It will never be tolerated.

39. Black Flags will be displayed for rough driving, unsafe appearance of car, leaking fluids, etc. once you are displayed the black you must leave the racing surface immediately.

40. If you blow an engine or the car quits during racing place your hand up as a visible sign to the drivers behind you and signal the distress your vehicle has suffered.  Exit the off ramp if possible or pull off the racing groove as soon as possible to keep the racing surface from becoming contaminated.  If you are viewed as being out of harms way the race potentially may continue.  Do not remove your safety gear at any time unless directed by a race official.  Stay inside the car strapped in unless it is on fire.

41. If you exit the car for any reason while on the racing surface you will be required to go to the pits for the remainder of the race. No getting out of your car unless it is a red flag emergency or you are eminant danger. You cannot get out to perform repairs or to speak to anyone. 

42. The Finish line for the speedway is underneath the flag stand and visibly painted white.  It continues on an arbitrary plane non visible through the grass to the half way point of the speedway infield.   Your lap will be scored when you cross that plane either via transponder scoring or by manual score. This plane will be monitored by camera and by scorer observation.  The last lap of the race will always be hand scored due to potential variations in transponder receiver position. The tip of any portion of a car crossing this plane first on the last lap of the event will always be the race winner.  The direction of the car is not relevant in this final lap decision.  (i.e. spins do sometimes occur at the start finish line.)

43. Once the white flag is displayed the race continues to the checkered for the leader.  Cautions will not be displayed and laps rerun.  If a car is potentially spun or slowed the white/caution can potentially be displayed.   This does not mean rough driving penalties will not occur.  Rough driving will not be tolerated at any time during race events.  Pulling a rough driving maneuver on the last lap could end up with a penalty and your car not being scored until the tail of the field for the last lap.  This is entirely at race directors discretion.

44. For extended lap races fuel stops will not occur due to cautions.  Fuel stops will only occur if a race is advertised with a fuel stop.

45. Cars may not enter the racing surface under green flag conditions.  If you can not make the green flag you will be permitted to reenter the next time a yellow comes out.  If no yellow is displayed then you will be scored in the order of your completed laps finished.

46. Races may be stopped, delayed or called off at any time for any reason.  Weather, safety, act of God or any other reason can stop a race. Best efforts will be made to finish a race begun.  If the track goes black from loss of traction and will not dry in a reasonable amount of time the race will be cancelled.

47. Rain Policy is as follows:  5 events in is considered an official race event.  Qualifying is an event. 1 heat race is one event.  5 events will be considered a total race night.  If we have not started our features, and have 5 events completed one half of start money will be issued to all competitors.  If a car has taken the green for his feature event and is less than half way, start money will be paid.  If the event is over the half way point in the race and you’re in that event you will receive your full pay if it is unable to continue based on your finishing order at the time of the rain cancellation.   You will receive points in the same fashion depending on finishing order.  If it’s less than half way you will get starting points for the feature.   If you were still waiting and never started your race, only points accumulated in the events prior to the features would be awarded.  If less than 5 events were completed your wrist bands would be allowed the next week and fully honored.  No double features will be run at any time for any reason. We are in it together and when the track loses its ability to do business we all lose our ability for total earnings for the night.

48. By court order the track cannot begin a racing event after 11:30 pm.  Events unable to be started after this point in the evening will receive ½ start money to each competitor.  Best efforts will always be made to have an expedited show and events started before 11:30.

49. Special events may have special orders of events or special race procedures in place.  If this is to occur it will be posted on itineraries available at the race control office at the line up board.

50. Race time will always begin at 7:00pm on Saturday night events .  Race time will be at various times on other special events and posted early and often.  Sunday events will feature an earlier start time to allow travelling competitors a chance to get home earlier in the evening.

51. Fighting will result in time off from competition and possible prosecution.  When you assault someone it places the situation out of the hands of the speedway and into the hands of individuals and law enforcement.  Fighting will never be tolerated at Springport Motor Speedway at any time.

52. All Lead must be painted white and fastened with ½ “ bolts minimum with the car number on each piece.

53. All rear wheel drive cars must have a driveshaft painted white.

54. All cars must have a window net in place that meets tech approval. S.F.I safety standards recommended.

55. All cars must have a set of 3” safety belts no less than 5 years old.  S.F.I safety standards recommended.

56. All cars if not having original equipment glass windshield must have Lexan approved window in place.

57. All heat races will have single file restarts and all feature races will have double file restarts.

58. The last 5 laps will be single file restarts. The flagman will display the white flag signaling one lap to go, then the green. Once the green flag has been displayed, the track is green everywhere. Passing will be allowed anywhere when green flag is presented.

59. Dash and heat races will be considered completed when yellow is displayed for the third time.

60. Time allocations may be placed on heat races due to excessive cautions.

61. All cars to weigh in before feature race must include car, driver & helmet, and meet minimum weight for their respective class.

62. All jack stands to have 1/8 inch minimum plate welded on bottoms.

If you are found in violation of the rules – discipline or financial implications may follow.  If you have to be removed from the speedway for any type of discipline matter no points or money will be paid for the event.