2014 Outlaw Super Late Model Rules

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2014 - Springport Motor Speedway - Alliance Outlaw Super Late Model Rules
Revision: November 26, 2011

Please also read and understand the General Rules, (published separately) they apply to all classes / competitors.

















For questions and Clarification on your car please Contact Tech Director Dan Bailey at (810) 964-4432

Note: Late Model Alliance rules apply. All weight & dimensional measurements will be made with driver in car. BEFORE QUALIFYING, & BEFORE FEATURE

BACK PANEL: Minimum 14”, perpendicular to the ground, fully enclosed. No louvers, holes, hinges, etc. Measured vertically.

BODY WIDTH: Max. 82” over the front tires, steadily decreasing in width to a max. of 76” at the center of rear axle, then tapering to a max. of 72” at the rear spoiler.  Body width may not exceed 82” at any point.  SYMMETRICAL SIDE TO SIDE. NO WEDGE NOSES PER ALLIANCE AGREEMENT. Provision allowed for Complete Template Body TBA

BUMPERS: No Aluminum Bumpers. Rear bumper height: 12” maximum from ground to bottom of bumper.

CARBON-FIBER Parts: Not allowed at all, except for roof.

CARBURETOR: Maximum of one (1) four barrel, with 2 return springs.

DRIVESHAFT: Must be painted white

ENGINE: No Alum blocks allowed.  MUST HAVE FUNCTIONAL STARTER  Factory Sealed Crate engines receive #200 weight break.  Following part numbers : Gm  88958604 Ford  M-6007-D347 Dodge  P5007958

ENGINE SET-BACK: Maximum of 4 inches.  Ford engines-maximum of 5”. MEASURED AT FURTHEST FORWARD C/L UPPER BALL JOINT

FRONT NOSE PIECE: After-market nosepiece to be mounted in a conventional manner. The nosepiece front overhang is to be a maximum of 45 inches from the center of the hub to the tip of the nose, including the lip/splitter on the front of the nosepiece. The maximum width of the lip/splitter if used is 4”. The nosepiece flare must be flush with the top of the fender. Both front corners of the nosepiece/lip/splitter must have a radius to prevent sharp edges. The nosepiece will have no more than a 1” of belly built into the face of the nose. Any nosepiece flattened out or smooth add 100 pounds at the officials discretion.

FUEL: Racing gasoline only. No additives. No alcohol.

FUEL CELL: Must be located to the rear of rear axle & between the inside edges of the rear tires. Cell must be min. of 8” off the ground at its lowest point.  CELL MUST INCLUDE A REAR GUARD. Container must be made of 20 ga. steel minimum. NO DRIVERS COMPARTMENT FUEL LINES. LINES ARE STEEL OR BRAIDED ONLY ALLOWED.

IGNITION: MSD box must be mounted out of reach of driver sitting in car. All wiring must be exposed and in plain view. Traction control is not permitted. No adjusters of any type in cockpit with exception of brake bias. $200 MSD CLAIM. TRACK MAY DEMAND AND INSPECT BOX AND WIRING  AT ANY TIME WITH ANY METHOD IT DEEMS ACCEPTABLE.

MUFFLERS: MANDATORY–97 DECIBELS MAX @ 100 ft. No tolerance. No excuses. It is recommended that exhaust exit underneath and within body panels. Exhaust is to exit in lower 1/3 of car, behind driver.

RADIOS: not allowed.

MIRRORS: not allowed.

REAR DECK LID:  Maximum of 28”, from base of rear window to base of rear spoiler, Deck lid must be removable or have access panel (may vary from track to track).

REAR OVERHANG: Measured from center of rear axle, 46” maximum to furthest point back, excluding bumper.  Quarter panel to be perpendicular to the ground.  Quarter panel minimum 8” from ground to bottom of panel.

REAR SPOILER: Maximum of 8” high x 72”wide (material), made of clear material and be flat.  Bracing may be from front or rear. For front bracing, maximum of 3 supports of ¾” max. round tubing only.  Rear bracing must be inset from sides of quarter panel a minimum of 3” on both sides. Any additional supports, bracing, brackets or flanges will be mounted on rear of spoiler only. Rear facing lips only. Max. 42” from ground to top of spoiler.

REAR WINDOW:  Any continuous radius of elliptical shape resembling stock design, but may not come to a point.  No V-shaped or concave windows, must remain flat in the center.   No teardrop style windows.  Must have rear window brace, enough to keep it from collapsing.

ROLL CAGE: No Aluminum door bar assemblies. Rear Halo Bar rule-Measurement form bottom of 3” frame rail to top of rear roll bar is minimum 39-½”, +- 1/4” . The measurement of front halo bar to be identical 39-½”, +- ¼”. Any material added to meet the measurement must meet the minimum roll cage specifications.

ROOF: Minimum 38” long by 45” wide.

ROOF HEIGHT: Minimum of 45”, measured 10 inches back from windshield, no more than 2” drop permitted front to back in center of roof.  Max. drop side to side is 2 ½”.  Max. 102” measurement from front of roof to base of rear spoiler.

RUB RAILS: Maximum of 1” by 1”, no sharp edges, must have closed ends. Aluminum rub rails not allowed.

SHELF: 4” maximum, measured from front windshield post back to front of C pillar, plus 1 inch max. side body radius. C pillar may taper inward no more than 9” from the edge of the body, at a point 52” forward of the base of rear spoiler.  C pillar is to be made of aluminum in a shape resembling body style of car’s nosepiece, may not be concave in any direction & at 30 degree min. angle from horizontal.  NO SHELF OR LEDGE TO EXCEED 4”

SHOCKS: Open, but may NOT be adjustable from the cockpit.

TIRES: Weekly series tire  Hoosier 970 .  Select special event elevated purse tire would be  Hoosier 3035 & 3045.


TRANSMISSION: Must have scattershield or reduced diameter clutch.  Must have working reverse    

WEIGHT:  2700 lbs. Car will be weighed with driver in car with all gear on before race.   Lead only may be used for ballast. All weights must be painted white with car number painted in contrasting color. Any weight found not painted white, with car number, will be disqualified. Weights will be anchored with (2) ½”dia bolts min.

WHEELBASE: 102” minimum.

WHEELS: Steel or Aluminum only, 10” max. width.  Minimum  1” Lugnuts

WINDOW OPENINGS: Minimum 12” by 22”. Driver must be able to get out of car on both sides with helmet on. No add-on pieces in window area.   No boxing in of window area.      

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