Jeff Snyder #75 ABC

Written by Lee Ann Snyder.

Jeff Snyder

Jeff Snyder #75 ABC -

Jeff Snyder, Car Number: 75, ABC Street Stock -
Age: 46, Hometown: Angola, IN

Nickname: Jeff

Meet the Jeff Snyder Racing Team:

Car Owner: Jeff Snyder
Crew and Team Members: Lee Ann, Jeremy, and Jason Snyder
Sponsors : The Hair Center Barber/Beauty Salon Angola, IN
Parker Racing
Special thanks to: Dan Parker
Jeff Snyder #75 Family and Friends: Wife-Lee Ann Snyder, Son's-Jeremy and Jason

Getting to know Jeff Snyder:

Favorite Racing Memory: Winning Stock Car Nationals in '87at Steuben County Speedway. My wife's best memory is her first race she came to after we met in August of 1989 I won the feature and we had our first picture taken together. It is at the bottom of the page.
Racing Accomplishments: 2012 is my 25th Year of Racing. Winning Stock Car Nationals in '87at Steuben County Speedway. Several top ten points wins Steuben County Speedway, Angola Motor Speedway and 9th place points in B division of ABC Street Stocks in 2011.
Competitor I respect :
Lee Ann, Jeremy, and Jason Snyder My 2012 Racing Goals: Some feature wins and top 5 points
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