Bill McBride #80 sport stock

Written by bill mcbride.

bill mcbride

Bill McBride #80 sport stock -

bill mcbride, Car Number: 80, Sport Stock -
Age: 53, Hometown: jackson michigan

Nickname: the boogyman

Meet the bill mcbride Racing Team:

Car Owner: bill mcbride
Crew and Team Members: coyote racing
Sponsors : Cats Auto Salvage,Advance Auto Parts of Jackson Michigan,Coyote Racing,Aero Steel,Island City Graphics
Special thanks to: Cats Auto Salvage,Areo Steel
No Car Photo Uploaded Family and Friends: Amy, Jennifer Daryl Kimberly Jacob and Lynnae and my loyal fans

Getting to know bill mcbride:

Favorite Racing Memory: Winning my first race at Springport in my second year of racing.
Racing Accomplishments: 5th in first annual snapon 50in 2007 most improved driver 2008 perfect attendance 2008 3rd in points at springport 2008 4th in points@owosso speedway in2009 10th in points 2010@owosso speedway 9th in points @ springport motor speedway in 2013
Competitor I respect :
No Team Photo Uploaded My 2012 Racing Goals: finish in top 10 in 2014
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Facebook Personal Profile: bill mcbride

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