Brad Robison #6 ABC

Written by Brad Robison.

Brad Robison

Brad Robison #6 ABC -

Brad Robison, Car Number: 6, ABC Street Stock -
Age: 35, Hometown: Mason, Michigan

Nickname: Glow Worm

Meet the Brad Robison Racing Team:

Car Owner: Brad Robison
Crew and Team Members: Gary Robison & Jacob "Hulkster" Newman
Sponsors : City Limits
The Daily Scoop
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Jack Oakley Video
Joe and Darlene
Special thanks to: Jacob Newman, Gary Robison, Alicia Robison, and family
Brad Robison #6 Family and Friends: Wife - Alicia Robison, Daughter - Gabrielle Hill, Son - Jaxson Robison

Getting to know Brad Robison:

Favorite Racing Memory: Favorite memory was winning my first ever heat race win.
Racing Accomplishments: 6th in Points at Spartan Speedway for rookie season
Perfect Attendance
Won 2 heat races
Competitor I respect :All drivers
Gary Robison & Jacob My 2012 Racing Goals: Winning a feature race & winning a championship
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