Bubber Patrick #18 MOD

Written by Bubber Patrick.

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Bubber Patrick #18 MOD -

Harold Patrick Jr., Car Number: 18, Modified -
Age: 39, Hometown: Stockbridge

Nickname: Bubber

Meet the Harold Patrick Jr. Racing Team:

Car Owner:
Crew and Team Members:
Sponsors : Patrick Plumbing, Dennis Marshall Dragline Works, Heeney Garage and Steve Smith (Jim Coffey Plumbing & Heating)
Special thanks to: My Wife Carrie and Steve Smith
No Car Photo Uploaded Family and Friends: My wife Carrie, Tyler a sophmore in high school and Devin a 5th grader.

Getting to know Harold Patrick Jr.:

Favorite Racing Memory: Racing sprint cars with Steve Smith, Kim Durfee and Jim Heeney. Every time we go racing we have Fun. Hot lapping winged sprint car. BAD FAST!!!!!!
Racing Accomplishments: 2004 Rookie of the year at spartan
2005 Springport track champion
2005 2nd place in points
Competitor I respect :
No Team Photo Uploaded My 2012 Racing Goals: Have Fun, be fast and win races.
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