Chuck Ammerman #61 ABC

Written by Chuck Ammerman.

Chuck Ammerman

Chuck Ammerman #61 ABC -

Chuck Ammerman, Car Number: #61, ABC Street Stock -
Age: 43, Hometown: Holt, MI

Nickname: Shaggy

Meet the Chuck Ammerman Racing Team:

Car Owner: Chuck, Diana and Kevin Ammerman
Crew and Team Members: Ben Merritt, Dick LaPratt, Tony Ammerman
Sponsors : Beacon Sales and Service of Charlotte, Lansing/Mason Ambulance Service, Lapratt Welding and Fabrication, Riverside Gear and Merritt Press
Special thanks to: Thanks Diana for putting up with my life long dream & Mid-life crisis(LOL) of wanting to Race!
Chuck Ammerman ##61 Family and Friends: Diana (wife) and Tony (son)

Getting to know Chuck Ammerman:

Favorite Racing Memory: I've raced for 5 years now and have ALOT of Great and Bad memories in that short time!

The First and Most Profound memory i have of racing was my very First night at the track! I arrived late(go figure), and was trying to get unloaded and on the track. It was right before qualifying was to start, and i was trying to get a few hot laps in before it was too late! I had 6-7 guys in my pits including the Techs looking over my car. There was a problem with something on my car, and the Racer (Mr. Gokee) next to me was getting into his Mod to get another quick practice session in. He got back out of his car to Help ME! At the time he Didn't know me from the man on the moon, but he Stopped All he was doing to Help! That was the First time i Experienced "The Racing FAMILY" side of this Sport and I'll NEVER Forget that!

One of my Favorite memories is at Springport a few yrs ago! I got out front leading the feature early in the race, and with about 7 laps to go Mike Ammerman got up next to me! We ran side by side for several laps exchanging the lead by a few feet! On the last lap Mike past me in turn 2, and i past him back coming out of turn 4 for my First ever Feature Win! After the race i found out that Dane Long was also right behind me the whole time. On the video replay you can see that they Both were working me over Good trying to get around me! To win my first feature was Great, but doing it by holding off not One but TWO Very Good racers that usually Kicked my A$$ weekly, was OH SO SWEET!

Another Great memory was this past season when i was running at Spartan Speedway. I was leading the closing laps of the race and well on my way to my first Feature win there, when coming out of turn 4 for the Checkered Flag Damon Place and I got together sending us Both Spinning around! I ended up stopped in the middle of the track about 10 feet from the line, and He was sitting in the infield with the ass end of his car just over the start/finish line! He got the Feature win, and i was scored Last, because i Didn't cross the line! Talk about being Pissed Off! WOW~What a night! LOL!
Racing Accomplishments: Not as much as i'd like to have by now!

2012 will be my 6th full year of racing, and to date I've won 6 heat races, 1 Australian pursuit, and 1 Feature!
That isn't too bad for an Average(in my opinion) racer, but i've been in Several races that i Could/Should have won, and things just Didn't work out! Some i will Have to Blame on other drivers, but Most of the time it was because "I" Didn't Push myself and the Car to our Full Potential!

I Strive to Help All other racers to be there Best, and Always help them in Any way i can to Compete! If that means help them when they break down or just sit and talk with them about ways to get/be better--->I'm there! I DON'T Claim to be the Best racer or Mechanic by Any means, but WILL Lend a Hand when i can!

I'm the type of person that would rather help a fellow racer get better/faster, even if that means they Beat me with the information, than to watch them struggle!
You can bet a Million Slower cars, but if you Win against 10 other cars/drivers that are Equal or Better than you it's that much More Rewarding!
Competitor I respect :Phil Massuch is a Top Favorite! He's a Huge Threat to Win Anytime he shows up!
Ben Merritt, Dick LaPratt, Tony Ammerman My 2012 Racing Goals: Shooting for 6 wins and be a Top Contender for a Championship!
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