Chuck Goostrey #11 ABC

Written by Chuck Goostrey.

Chuck Goostrey

Chuck Goostrey #11 ABC -

Chuck Goostrey, Car Number: 11, ABC Street Stock -
Age: 68, Hometown: Jackson


Meet the Chuck Goostrey Racing Team:

Car Owner: David Goostrey
Crew and Team Members: David Goostrey, Brad Gordon, Missy Goostrey, Chris Hunt
Sponsors : Superior Industrial Sales & Service, Airgas, National Heating & Cooling, Artvertise Neon & Signs
Special thanks to: Crew & Family
Chuck Goostrey #11 Family and Friends:

Getting to know Chuck Goostrey:

Favorite Racing Memory: Michigan Cup Race - the year I finished 1st and my son (David) finished 2nd. Everyone thought David let me win, but I really did beat him!
Racing Accomplishments: 1998 Rookie of the Year at Springport - Streek Stock Division
Competitor I respect :Rich Kinch
David Goostrey, Brad Gordon, Missy Goostrey, Chris Hunt My 2012 Racing Goals:
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