Cody Eglon #88 ABC

Written by Cody.


Cody Eglon #88 ABC -

Cody, Car Number: 88, ABC Street Stock -
Age: 26, Hometown: Springport

Nickname: Codeman

Meet the Cody Racing Team:

Car Owner: Cody Eglon
Crew and Team Members: Dale, Trenton, Jesse
Sponsors : Elder Creek Farms, Dekalb, Eglon Farms, Daniel's lawn mowing service
Special thanks to: Everyone who has supported me in this. Big thanks to my dad, my wife, and kids.
No Car Photo Uploaded Family and Friends: Dale and Debbie ( mom and dad), Elisa (wife), Cayden and Aliyah (kids) Daniel and Heather (siblings)

Getting to know Cody:

Favorite Racing Memory: My very first time ever racing happened to be two years ago for racing and rockin' and i won my feature race :)
Racing Accomplishments: I have accomplished so much. Just getting out there and proving that i can do this. From buying the cars and putting them together the way I want to, with the help of my dad of course. Can't wait to begin this year!!
Competitor I respect :
No Team Photo Uploaded My 2012 Racing Goals: To win a feature with my car, but mainly to just have fun
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