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IMAG1978A company outing has many purposes: thanking employees for their hard work, establishing friendships outside office walls, marking an important company milestone, team building and motivating employees.  Whether it is the atmosphere, getting to know your fellow associates, or the complimentary food and drink, company outings prove to be a pick-me-up for many employees and money well spent by the smart business organization looking to improve productivity.

A company outing at Springport Motor Speedway can accomplish all that and more.

Planning a company outing should not be like planning a business meeting.  Without excitement and enthusiasm in the planning process, your outing will be a bust. It is important to ensure that your outing will be enjoyable to all.  

Springport Motor Speedway exudes FUN!  There is nothing more American then a day at the race track.  From the avid race fan to the person who's never seen a race before in their life, the sites and sounds of short track racing are hard to resist.  The dazzling displays of speed, the raw emotion of the competition, the aroma of danger...   who can resist the great American past time of automobile racing ?

IMAG2009In today's business economy, company outings take on many different shapes and sizes.   In order to achieve what you want for your outing, it is important to pick the right type of outing. Springport Motor Speedway offers companies a range of options and brings a professional event team to support your outting.

Traditional Outings – Conventional events which are intended to be enjoyed by employees of all ages and abilities.  They give associates a chance to interact outside of work in a relaxed environment.  An afternoon and evening at the Speedway where your people can enjoy a nice late afternoon/early evening meal, have the opportunity to take a guided tour through our racers competition area, a reserved and exclusive seating section, a meet & greet with a driver, the opportunity to climb to the top of the flag stand.  All topped off with an evening of Michigan's finest short track racing at Mid-Michigan's best 3/8th mile short track.

Competitive Edge – For those companies looking to bring out the competitive spirit in their employees, while working towards a common goal, consider these interactive events : grocery cart races, team pit stop challenges,  and more. Activities which involve strategy, competition, and multitasking, these events encourage teamwork. 

Springport Motor Speedway's group event team will make sure your company outing is correctly planned and executed. The end result being your company's morale is going to increase.  Gathering outside of the office walls will develop friendships and add to the strength of the company.  Activities involving families communicate to employees that you not only value them as a worker, but also as a family member. Ensure that your company outing is one that can be enjoyed by all and bring them to Springport Motor Speedway.  Call or E-Mail Speedway Entertainment Pam Parish at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Traditional Outings for groups of 25 or larger start for as little as $14 per invitee.  These events include tickets to the race, basic food vouchers for the concession stand and reserved seating.  A more expansive traditional outing including trips through the pits, bus rides for the kids, and even a ride inside a real race car can be arranged by calling or e-mailomg Speedway Entertainment Group's Patrick McNamara or Pam Parish for more details.

Friendly Competition and Competitive Edge outings are only a few dollars more.  Let our staff of trained professionals help you put together a company outing they will never forget and your HR staff will be pleased to sign off on.

Regardless of the kind of company outing you choose, the goals are still the same: boost morale, support office camaraderie, and encourage teamwork.  Springport Motor Speedway wants to join you in creating just that event. Bringing the values from a company outing back to the office will improve workplace environment, create friendships, and build teamwork, generating a positive atmosphere for your business.

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