2015 Competitor Price Guide

Written by SMS Admin.

Springport Motor Speedway in cooperation with our vendors and suppliers has secured the best pricing available for our competitors on racing staple items.


Hoosier Tires will be available for purchase at Springport Motor Speedway.

Hoosier 970star tires will be stocked in most common sizes and will be priced at $118 for the 2015 season.  
Mounting and dismounting will be $2.50/ea.  

For the visitors to the track in the B and C Stock Car Classes- please note that we resell our salvaged take offs for $5 each.  This provides an economical way to give the track a try, because we want you racing with us!

Used racing tires in any condition can be left at the barn and we will dispose of them for free. We will be working to recycle these tires. Please do not leave them in the grass.  

Please note NO SOAK is allowed at Springport Motor Speedway. 

For the Stock Car A,B,C Divisions - Hoosier 40/50s take offs will be available for $20 each.
Your tires must be branded and marked for competition.  If you obtain tires from another source, they can be traded for tires that are branded and marked.


RACING FUELcorrigan_oil_logosunoco_race_fuel

Sunoco Racing Fuel is the official fuel provided by Corregan for  Springport Motor Speedway.

110 Octaone is available at the track and current price is $7.00, this price is subject to market fluctuations.




Raceceivers are required equipment for all classes.  We have found the value in saving your equipment and the added safety to the drivers during the competition to be VERY valueable.  Be prepared to have your radio verified as working this year before you are allowed on the track.

Raceciever is the official competitor communications provider of Springport Motor Speedway, but the red, blue and black models are actually all made by the same manufacturer.  Shop wisely, and be prepared.

Track-to-Competitor communication is required and Raceceivers are available at the track for $100

Ear buds are also available for $5 - $20 depending on style and AAA batteries are available for $1 each.
We have found that Skullcandy brand (avaialble at Meijer) seems to have the best volume response.
Any iPhone compatitble ear phone jack will work with the RaCeiver.
Please note that a battery left in the radio will only last one week. 



Pit Slabs are $10 a night if you haven't registered for the season.  Slab swapping/ subletting is not allowed.  Contact Pam or Check in at the Pit Gate for avaialbility.

Grass spots are free.  Reserved spots for the season $75.



Registration fee is required for competition.  $25 for the season for all classes, or $10 for one night.



Photos are managed by "Racing Woodys", his team will be working out of the back office on the pit side.