Dan Krzywosinski #14 SLM

Written by Dan Krzywosinski.

Dan Krzywosinski

Dan Krzywosinski #14 SLM -

Dan Krzywosinski, Car Number: #14, Outlaw Super Late Model -
Age: 39, Hometown: Clio, MI

Nickname: Badfast

Meet the Dan Krzywosinski Racing Team:

Car Owner: Shanna Krzywosinski
Crew and Team Members: Shanna, Ryan, Justin, Jerome Jr.
Sponsors : Cambron Engineering, Vesco Oil, Brinn Transmissions, Portraits by Hanna, Senneker Performance, Wilson Motorsports, Jerome's Auto Repair, Krzywosinski Racing Engines, JRI Shocks By Senneker, Racer Girl Graphics
Special thanks to: My crew
Dan Krzywosinski ##14 Family and Friends: Wife - Shanna, Son - Ryan, Son - Justin

Getting to know Dan Krzywosinski:

Favorite Racing Memory: Winning the 1997 outlaw superlate model championship at Owosso Speedway when the car counts were 25+ supers every night and all of the big names were fighting for the championship. We won 7 features that year. Today most of those drivers are all in the Michigan Motorsports Hall of fame.

A close second :
Winning the 2003 Owosso Speedway track championship. It was my third outlaw superlate model championship at Owosso, but my first with my wife Shanna.
Winning the 2015 Springport Speedway track championship with my two boys.
Racing Accomplishments: Winning multiple track championships in the limited late model and the outlaw superlate model classes.
- Tri - City Motorspeedway
- Owosso Speedway
- Springport Speedway
Competitor I respect :Treat everyone with respect.
Shanna, Ryan, Justin, Jerome Jr. My 2012 Racing Goals: Be competitive and keep integrity in our race team
Links to Dan Krzywosinski online:

Facebook Fan Page:
Krzywosinski Racing
Facebook Personal Profile: Krzywosinski Racing

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