Don Bergau #05 ABC

Written by Don Bergau.

Don Bergau

Don Bergau #05 ABC -

Don Bergau, Car Number: 05, ABC Street Stock -
Age: , Hometown: Lansing

Nickname: Skeeter

Meet the Don Bergau Racing Team:

Car Owner: Bob Flotka
Crew and Team Members:
Sponsors : Hitches & More, Affordable tire, Race car shop, Snap on
Special thanks to:
No Car Photo Uploaded Family and Friends:

Getting to know Don Bergau:

Favorite Racing Memory:
Racing Accomplishments: 1995 Rookie of the year Pro bike, 1998 Rookie of the year Spartan racing series A, 1998 Rookie of the year Super late, 1998 Mid west independent super late series champion

Feature wins at- Spartan, spring port, Owosso, Auto city, Onaway, Galesberg, Northern MI raceway, Kinross, & Valusha speedway (FL).
Competitor I respect :
No Team Photo Uploaded My 2012 Racing Goals:
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