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SPRINGPORT, MI (January 3, 2015) - Springport Motor Speedway is pleased to announce the return partnership of DTS and SMS in Sponsoring the Modified Division. Drive Train Specialists, known in the industry as DTS, further reinforced itself as a solid supporter of local short track racing by acquiring the title rights to this premier class of race cars. DTS is a world class hi performance drive train parts supplier and is enthusiastic about being part of this very srong class of great drivers.
The relationship between Parish and DTS began in 2006 at Whittemore Speedway's Annual Invitational Race where Jeff was President. Claude liked our way of doing things and especially how we support our drivers. It sparked a friendship because of Claude's approach to doing business the same way. He has supported us in varying venues ever since. Claude was one of the very first calls I received in support of this venture.
Parish further endorsed Drive Train Specialists by saying, "DTS is our personal supplier for drivetrain components for our race team. When we had a new car and needed a 9" Ford carrier with a specialized gear set for a new approach we were trying, DTS had us handled in a very short turnaround time with the best components on the market. When we call on that gear set for a short track - we never have to worry about reliability or performance. It's never an issue.


It is affordable quality."Speaking for DTS, Claude Plante remarked "I am very pleased and enthusiastic to bring DTS to the table at Springport Motor Speedway. I'm glad to be a part of things from day one. We are enthusiastic to share the DTS product line with Springport Motor Speedway's driving community and fan base!"
"Claude and DTS are just one more piece of the puzzle at Springport Motor Speedway on its road to success." stated Parish. "He is very hard working and has an extensive community of knowledge and resources. That knowledge and quality service is propelling DTS into racing's highest levels, becoming a leading supplier for drive shafts to top NASCAR teams including Brad Keselowski, in the 2012 season." or

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