Feature Winners Get Free Wings!

Written by SMS Admin.

Hooters-LogoThe spoils of victory just got a little bit spicier for teams at the Port as Springport Motor Speedway and Hooters of Lansing have teamed up to present “Wings for Winners”. The lovely ladies of Hooters will be joining us each and every Saturday Night on Victory Lane to join the winner's celebration and make the winner's trophy presentation. Hooters of Lansing will be adding to the winner's purse a gift certificate for twenty FREE wings at Hooters of Lansing during our monthly Cruise-In Car Show.

Hooters of Lansing General Manager Mike Ludd said “We are very excited to participate in the local short track racing community. Hooters has a long history in stock car racing and we want to the local racing family to know we appreciate them and we want to see them weekly on Wednesday Nights so we can show our appreciation”.

The Springport Motor Speedway/Hooters of Lansing Car Shows will take place 2nd Wednesday Night of each month at the Lansing Hooters located at 172 East Edgewood Blvd, on Lansing's south side, next to Celebration Cinemas. The Cruise-In Car Show runs from 6pm to 8pm and during that time our Feature Winners will be honored and provided the VIP treatment. This car show is not limited to race cars, Hooters of Lansing & Springport Motor Speedway invite classic car owners, custom car enthusiasts, and street rod or hot rod practitioners to join us on Wednesday Nights to show off your rides. For the racers of Springport Motor Speedway, if you are a feature winner and bring your feature winning car to that month's car show, your 20 wings become 50 wings. Spartan Speedway feature winners are invited also and will be our extra special guests and you are cordially invited to join in the fun and festivities, and of course Free Wings !

IMAG0671“We really want to see the racing community come to Hooters of Lansing and enjoy the evening with us." said Springport Motor Speedway Promoter Jeff Parish. “It will be nice after a hard month of racing to set down and honor the previous weeks feature winners, see their families and friends and give them the recognition they deserve to winning while having some delightfully tacky fun at the same time.”

Adding to the atmosphere of the event, Springport Motor Speedway and Hooters of Lansing will be replaying races on a number of the high definition, 50 inch flat screens inside the establishment giving fans and families the chance to recapture the winning moment.

“This is a great opportunity for our racers to get added exposure for their sponsors. They can use the occasion to treat their sponsors to an evening out, show them the kind of impact their efforts inside the racing community are having locally” reminded Marketing Director Patrick McNamara. “We'll be meeting motorsports enthusiasts from across the Lansing metro area, bringing increased awareness to our sport and opening doors of opportunity for our racers.”

The first Hooters store opened in 1983 in Clearwater, FL with a simple business plan – Cold Beer, Hot Wings, Spicy Girls. Hooters opened in Lansing in 2002 have been serving the community every since; a good times place where friends and family can enjoy sporting events, birthday parties, anniversaries, bachelor or bachelorette gathers or any other reason (like a race party or car show) you can think of to enjoy hot wings, cold beer beverages and a festive environment.

Springport Motor Speedway welcome's Hooters of Lansing to our racing family and we encourage our race teams and their fans to support the businesses that support short track racing.