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Springport Motor Speedway has a program designed to partner with local groups to raise funds for various needs through ticket sales. This program involves no money up front. You do the selling and you keep the profit.

This is a great fit for a youth organization, high school band/choir, graduating class trying to raise funds for a Senior trip, Adult groups like Moose, Elk, or Eagles.  Church groups are welcome as well.  

We can work with your group to make it a very special day, integrating you as part of the show, and provide that extra something, that will help make the sale!

The track facility will provide your group with custom printed tickets for your group to sell. The tickets will have a specific date that they can be used, along with a rain date (just in case).

You sell the tickets for face value, $10 per person.

Every custom ticket, redeemed on your specific night, would be charged to you at $5 per ticket. You would be billed only for the tickets redeemed on that night (keeping in mind that many people will not use the tickets they've purchased). Once again you will only be billed for tickets used that evening, not the un-used tickets. This alone will have a positive impact on a very successful fundraiser.  For example, if your group has 1000 tickets printed and you sell all of them for $10 a piece, you bring in $10,000. Let's say 300 of the 1000 tickets sold are redeemed on your specific date, the management of Sprngport Motor Speedway would bill you for 300 tickets @ $5 each, a total of $1500. Your profit would be $8500. It's as easy as that!

You will have no money invested up front, only the time spent selling the personalized tickets. We do the rest.

Many good dates are available, so if this is something that is of interest for your group or organization, please contact Pam Parish, by phone: (989) 980-4445, or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to select a date or to answer any questions you may have.

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