George Speer Jr #8 ABC

Written by Savannah M Collige.

George Speer Jr

George Speer Jr #8 ABC -

George Speer Jr, Car Number: 8, ABC Street Stock -
Age: 41, Hometown: Bellevue MI

Nickname: Rattler

Meet the George Speer Jr Racing Team:

Car Owner: George speer
Crew and Team Members: Jamie,Joey Collige,Ashden Collige,Savy Collige, Cody Boice,Shane Wright, and Cindy Wright
Sponsors : Ashden's Aromatics,Cody and Savy's Beaded Animals, Bellevue Driven,
Special thanks to: thanks to all the help from Jamie my wife, joey, ashden,cody and savy
George Speer Jr #8 Family and Friends:

Getting to know George Speer Jr:

Favorite Racing Memory: Was last year when I got 4th in points and 4th in Champinship. I love memory of George Speer Sr (Dad)
Racing Accomplishments: Got 4th in points last year, made fast car dash 2-3 times last year
Competitor I respect :
No Team Photo Uploaded My 2012 Racing Goals: To get the championship this year
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