Hoosier Race Tire Tour

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SMS Champs and Staff Visit Hoosier Race Tire
Hoosier_Tour_1On January 25, 2012  - 16 members of the Springport Motor Speedway staff, drivers, and guests gathered to tour the Hoosier Race Tire manufacturing plant.

"It was a very special experience" said SMS Promoter Pam Parish, "I loved how we carpooled down so we could get to know each other better."

After a quick lunch, Irish Saunders lead the group to the Plant.  We could not take pictures in the top secret manufacturing plant, but the memories will stay in our minds forever.
"I had no idea how complex building a tire was," said Todd Metz (2011 SMS Ideal Stock Champion), "I thought it would be like a plastic mold machine, where you just push a button, and out comes a tire after each cycle."

We all received a detailed education as we started in receiving materials, walked each step of the way, and ended in shipping.

"I have a whole new respect for what goes in a tire," said Walt Obrinske Jr. (2011 SMS Modified Champion) "They have so many quality checks, I know I will think twice before I accuse my tires for my car changing, usually I find out later it was a loose bolt, or a broken spring."Hoosier_Tour_3

We thanked our gracious hosts, and took our drive home.  Each of us chatted how impressed we were with each step.

Thank you Hoosier Racing Tire for sharing your afternoon with us, and helping us understand what goes into a tire as we prepare for the 2012 season.

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