The Wild One

Aug 04, 2012
Autograph Night at the Port
Trophies Presented By: MACI Company Night
Front Gate Opens at 09:00pm
Green Flag Drops at 11:00pm SHARP!
23849 30 Mile Road

08-04-2012_Wild-One_BadgeAs Springport Motor Speedway enters August, our race teams and competitors find themselves facing the final month of racing before champions are crowned.  In otherwords, things are going to start getting wild - hence "The Wild One".

Supers, Stock Cars and Sport Stocks are all on the schedule in what is without doubt the best racing show happening in Michigan this Saturday Night - August 4th.

Competitors : The pits will open at 1 pm. Hot Laps will commence at 2 pm. Qualifying will begin at 5 pm.

Spectators : The front gates opens at 5pm. The green flag drops at 7pm.  You can learn more about a race day at Springport Motor Speedway by visiting our Race Day Info Page.

Springport Motor Speedway thanks .

Learn more about the men and women who compete at Springport Motor Speedway by visiting our Driver Profile Section.  All of Springport Motor Speedway's competitors are encouraged to create and maintain thier driver profile page.

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