Jan 11 Meet & Greet

Written by SMS Admin.

Springport Motor Speedway's Meet and Greet

January 11th
at Kaptain's Korner
Albion, MI

Join us for a fun afternoon of bench racing and get your paperwork all done to save time and stress at the Pit Gate window.

Registration forms are available on the website
Click on Competitor Information
then see the menu that drops down
click on Driver Registration
Inside that article is the link to the Registration form,and the minor waiver form if anyone under 18 is planning on entering the pits for 2014.

January 11th is the deadline for renewing pit slabs for the drivers that held a slab in the 2013 season. On Jan 11th it will be open season for all others to reserve the open slabs.

Please contact Pam by facebook or text to make arrangements.
Payment for your registration ($25) and your slab ($75) is necessary to hold your spot.

Details are on the website.

Thank you for racing with us, we are anticipating a great year of racing!

Jeff & Pam Parish
Rob & Shannon Jenkins
Dennis Maher