JEGS joins SMS for 2012 & 2013

Written by Robert Jenkins.

SPRINGPORT, MI (November 27, 2011) - Positive momentum continues to build at Springport Motor Speedway as motorsports powerhouse JEGS joins Springport Motor Speedway as a marketing partner in a two year agreement which will support local short track racing throughout the 2012 and 2013 racing seasons.

JEGS_Cody_Coughlin"We see this as JEGS Performance Parts recognizing Springport Motor Speedway as a leader in both quality entertainment and top notch caliber of competition" said Springport Motor Speedway co-promoter Pam Parish.

Speedway Entertainment Group LLC, the operations team forSpringport Motor Speedway, is very pleased to be bringing to the Mid-Michigan area as a marketing partner. Jeff Parish, general manager for Springport Motor Speedway said "JEGS is the world’s leader in high performance parts sales and we are enthusiastic to bring to Springport Motor Speedway."

Parish continued by saying "We had the opportunity to get to know the Coughlin family when ASA great Gary St. Amant contacted us during the 2010 season about securing testing at the facility we were managing at the time. We meet Team JEGS and 2011 JEGS CRA All-Stars Tour Rookie-of-the-Year Cody Coughlin during this testing process. Cody made some of his very first laps in a full bodied stock car at our facility and competed for the first time against professional drivers at our track. During this time we developed a personal relationship with Cody's father John Coughlin and his mom Di. will have a strong presence at Springport Motor Speedway over the next two years. You'll see significant signage at the track, cooperative marketing of their fine products and a contingency program for our racers which will award top competitors. will also support the events and competitors of Springport Motor Speedway through several other programs. Springport Motor Speedway is proud to have JEG's Performance Parts be a valued partner at the speedway and a key contributor to our sponsor family.

The Parish Family personally endorses their products, services and people. Jeff & Pam encourage the fans, the drivers, their sponsors and the extended racing family to include JEG's Performance Parts in their consideration when making a performance parts purchase and they encourage you to support the sponsors that support short track racing.

About - In 1960, Jeg Coughlin Sr. founded JEGS as a small speed shop. It has grown into a high-performance powerhouse that includes a race team (Team JEGS), a 250,000 square foot warehouse, two retail stores, mail order business and website. The 350+ employees at JEGS still strongly believe and practice their simple business philosophy: Customer Care is #1. You can reach JEGS Online or by calling 1-800-345-4545

About Springport Motor Speedway - Springport Motor Speedway is a modern stock car racing facility located at 23845 30 Mile Road in Springport, Michigan; SMS is planning twenty-five event weekly short track racing events on Saturday evenings commencing on May 5th, 2012 and ending on September 30th, 2012, with an additional 6 to 8 special Sunday event schedule including high profile short track racing and non-traditional motorsports events. Springport Motor Speedway is a featured facility for Outlaw Super Late Model and Wingless Sprint Cars.

Learn more about Springport Motor Speedway here or @RaceSpringport on Twitter.

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