June 15 Race Results

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Local Drivers Highlighted at Springport Motor Speedway

By: Chris Fobbe – Springport Motor Speedway

Springport, Michigan (6/15) – The local drivers were highlighted on a night featuring a format that harkened back to the olden days of racing, with Four Car Dashes and Australian Pursuits in every class ran on a warm Saturday night.

The first feature on the track would be the Sport Stocks. Richard Peck has been an infrequent visitor to the 3/8s (.375) mile high banked oval, but the primarily dirt racer has managed to make himself a roaring success at Springport’s asphalt oval. Peck would hold off last week’s winner Aaron Taylor in an exciting feature event that would keep the fans on the edge of their seats. William Hartman was the Dash winner, while Peck won the heat and Michigan Motorsports Hall of Famer Dutch Taylor claimed the Australian Pursuit. Peck was also fast qualifier, with an 18.824.

The Ducks Point C-Store A-Division feature would be a back and forth contest that would see drama and action aplenty. Mike Ammerman and Andrew Ritter were the stars of the show, as they rubbed and raced all over the high banks. They would make contact on a restart, and Ammerman would get damage from a charging Justin Stephens. Ammerman would continue on with a damaged machine, but could only manage to get close to the back bumper on the Ritter machine, as Andrew Ritter went on to claim his first Springport Motor Speedway feature win. Ritter also won the Dash, while multi-time Spartan Speedway Champion Dane Long was the Australian Pursuit winner.

The AP Motors B-Division feature was another dramatic affair, as several C-Division regulars were able to clock in within the split for the B-feature. Mark Langs and Randy Riever would show they belonged in the B-feature, as they raced back and forth in the early running, until Riever got ahead and tried to pull away. Riever would soon have to contend with a hard charging Tom Coleman, who was in search of another feature win. Coleman would banzai into turn three, and slide past Riever on lap 11 and it would be smooth sailing as he went on to take the win.

The final feature of the evening was an intense C-Division feature. Martin French was able to work his way up early on and began to pull away from the field, but unfortunately the stop watch said French was under his qualifying time, which would allow Jerry Schroll to inherit the lead. As French tried to catch a caution and get back to the right side of the field, Schroll would take the checkered flag.

This Saturday at Springport Motor Speedway is Pink Rack / Relay 4 Life night at the Speedway, special decals will be for sale to cover Joe Biddingers Performance Automotive Northwest Super Late Model. All proceeds go to Relay 4 Life. Also on the card are the Drive Train Specialists Modifieds, Ducks Point C-Store / AP Motors ABC Stock Cars and the Sport Stocks. It is also Marshall Good Neighbor Night, so if you have an ID from Mashall, Michigan you get in for free. Adults are Just $10, Seniors $8 and 21 and under are absolutely free. For more information, visit us online at


Stock Car ABC
June 15 Race Results
Duck's Point C Store A Class
1 87  Andrew Ritter
2 17A  Mike Ammerman
3 24s  Amber Slagle
4 45  Joe Barnhart
5 83  Jeremy Lutz
6 2  John Trudell
7 7L  Dane Long
8 17H  Justin Holloway
9 81  Justin Stephens
10 73  Earl Miles
11 24P  Damon Place
12 88  Cody Eglon
AP Auto Sales of Jackson B Class
1 79  Tom Coleman
2 13  Randy Riever
3 48  Craig Stephens
4 01  Sabrina Booth
5 14  Mark Langs
6 42  Jeremy Pierman
SMS C Class
1 2x  Jerry Schroll
2 27  Quinten Bethke
3 21 Brandon Biddinger
4 28 Robert Kerber
5 2 Roy McCall
6 13y  Dan Baschal
7 02  Martin French
Fast Heat
1 88  Cody Eglon
2 45  Joe Barnhart
3 17A  Mike Ammerman
4 81  Justin Stephens
5 87  Andrew Ritter
6 7L  Dane Long
7 24s  Amber Slagle
8 24p  Damon Place
Heat 2
1 79  Tom Coleman
2 83  Jeremy Lutz
3 2  John Trudell
4 17H  Justin Holloway
5 13  Randy Riever
6 48  Craig Stephens
7 01  Sabrina Booth
8 13y  Dan Baschal
Heat 3
1 02  Martin French
2 14  Mark Langs
3 2x  Jerry Schroll
4 42  Jeremy Pierman
5 28  Robert Kerber
6 27  Quinten Bethke
7 21  Brandon Biddinger
4 Car Dash - A
1 87  Andrew Ritter
2 45  Joe Barnhart
3 81  Justin Stephens
4 7L  Dane Long
4 Car Dash - B
1 79  Tom Coleman
2 13  Randy Riever
3 48  Craig Stephens
4 01  Sabrina Booth
4 Car Dash - C
1 02  Martin French
2 2x Jerry Schroll
3 27  Quinten Bethke
4 28  Robert Kerber
Austrailian Pursuits
A 7L  Dane Long
B   79  Tom Coleman
C 2x  Jerry Schroll


Port Sport Stocks
June 15 Race Results
1 14  Richard Peck
2 22  Aaron Taylor
3 36  Ron Fizzell
4 07  William Hartman
5 22x  Dutch Taylor
6 Brad Robison
Fast Heat
1 14  Richard Peck
2 22  Aaron Taylor
3 22x  Dutch Taylor
4 36  Ron Fizzell
5 07  William Hartman
6 Brad Robison
DNS 20  Chris Joyce
DNS 67  Gary Martin
4 Car Dash
1 07  William Hartman
2 22  Aaron Taylor
3 14  Richard Peck
4 36  Ron Fizzell
Austrailian Pursuit
1 22x  Dutch Taylor

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