June 22 Race Results

Written by SMS Admin.

A Full Moon Frenzy at Springport Motor Speedway

By: Chris Fobbe – Springport Motor Speedway

Springport, Michigan (6/22) – With a full moon high in the sky, racers know some peculiar things can occur. With that hanging known, a great crowd came out anyway to witness some hot racing action at the 3/8s (.375) mile high banked speed palace.

The first feature of the night was the Drive Train Specialists Modifieds 30-lap main event. Bill Butler would lead the field down to the green, but it would be outside polesitter Wayne Haughton getting the jump into turn one. Haughton would lead the opening handful of laps, before Butler was able to skirt by and retake the lead. After a caution, Defending Track Champion Earl Miles would find himself in the second position. The two drivers would battle side by side for several laps, but at the line it would be Bill Butler taking the win. Miles was second, Dan Loughan came in third with Walt Obrinske Jr. and Brian Roes completing the top five. Heat races were claimed by Damian Lytle and Chance Rice, while Nyle Weiler claimed fast qualifier honors with a 15.999.

Next up would the Sport Stock division feature. Brad Robison would set the pace to Tim Beebe’s green flag, but it would be Richard Peck knocking on the door for the lead. Peck would slip by the following lap, and go on to take the win, his eighth win over six different tracks this season. And if that wasn’t enough, Peck loaded up right after his win, tagged onto the back of UMP Sport Compacts Feature at the I-96 Speedway and finished second on the dirt later that night! Ron Fizzell was second with William Hartman, Aaron Taylor and Gary Martin completing the top five. Tina Lewis and Fizzell claimed heat race wins, with Peck setting fast time with a 19.130.

The Duck’s Point C-Store A-Division feature lined up for their 25-lap event next. Jeremy Lutz would start things off from the pole. Lutz would look strong throughout the race, holding the point flag-to-flag in the caution free affair, fighting off early challenges from Dane Long to claim his second feature win of the season. Long was second with Andrew Ritter, Joe Barnhart and Cody Eglon completing the top five.

The AP Motors B-Division feature was next up. Martin French would lead the field down for the start, but it would be Tom Coleman, slicing and dicing his way through the field to find himself leading by the next circuit. Coleman would hold the point the remainder of the event, claiming his second straight feature win, and fourth of the season. John Trudell was second with Craig Stephens, Martin French and David Elliott completing the top five.

The C-Division feature closed things out for the night, with Dan Baschal as the polesitter. Steven Pelky would grab the lead early on, and looked strong, however he was found to be running too far under his qualifying time, leaving him as the last car on the lead lap. When the race went back to green flag conditions, it would be Jerry Schroll holding the point, as he went on to claim his third straight feature win. Shawn McCaul was second with Quinten Bethke, Baschal and Mike Curtiss completing the top five.
JD Hancock was the winner of the Duck’s Point C-Store Pizza Dash for the A-Division, while Mike Curtiss, John Trudell, and Dane Long winning the ABC heat races.

It was also Relay For Life Night at the Speedway. With the goal of raising $1500 for the very worthy cause, the fans and drivers at the Speedway were able to raise $2000 in support!

This Saturday is one of the marquee events of the 2013 campaign, the first annual Moonshine Run. On the card will be the much anticipated return of the Performance Automotive Northwest Super Late Models, the ABC Stock Cars presented by Duck’s Point C-Store and AP Motors and the Sport Stocks. There will be Australian Pursuits for all divisions. Afterwards, the fans are invited to stop down to the pit area to enjoy live musical entertainment. All this excitement is just $10 for adults, seniors $8, and anyone 21 and under will be absolutely free. It is also Albion good neighbor night, so anyone with an Albion ID gets in free of charge. For more information visit us online at

Race Results Data:
DTS Modifieds
June 15 Race Results
1 M1  Bill Butler
2 73  Earl Miles
3 72  Dan Loughan
4 T3  Walt Obrinske Jr
5 05  Brian Roes
6 12x  Mike Occhipinti
7 18  Bubar Patrick
8 40  Tim Rodgers
9 27  Nyle Weiler
10 36  Chance Rice
11 559  Damian Lytle
12 07  Matt Vainner
DQ Wayne Houghton
tow Jon McNett
Fast Heat
1 36  Chance Rice
2 32  Wayne Houghton
3 73  Earl Miles
4 72  Dan Loughan
5 27  Nyle Weiler
6 05  Brian Roes
7 12x  Mike Occhipinti
Heat 2
1 559  Damien Lytle
2 T3 Walt Obrinske Jr
3 M1  Bill Butler
4 07  Matt Vainner
5 18  Bubbar Patrick
6 40  Tim Rodgers


Port Sport Stocks
June 15 Race Results
1 14  Richard Peck
2 36  Ron Fizzell
3 07  William Hartman
4 22  Aaron Taylor
5 67  Gary Martin
6 Brad Robison
7 22x  Dutch Taylor
8 80  Bill McBride
DNS 00 Tina Lewis
Fast Heat
1 36  Ron Fizzell
2 22  Aaron Taylor
3 07  William Hartman
4 14  Richard Peck
5 80  Bill McBride
Heat 2
1 00  Tina Lewis
2 22x  Dutch Taylor
3 Brad Robison
4 67  Gary Martin


Stock Car ABC
June 15 Race Results
Duck's Point C Store A Class
1 83  Jeremy Lutz
2 7L  Dane Long
3 87  Andrew Ritter
4 45  Joe Barnhart
5 88  Cody Eglon
6 23  JD Hancock
7 24s  Amber Slagle
8 73  Earl Miles
dns 24p  Damon Place
AP Auto Sales of Jackson B Class
1 79  Tom Coleman
2 2  John Trudell
3 48  Craig Stephens
4 02  Martin French
5 71  David Elliott
dns 89  Tony Pastorino
dns 14  Mark Langs
SMS C Class
1 2x  Jerry Schroll
2 2  Shawn McCall
3 27  Quinten Bethke
4 13  Dan Baschal
5 34m  Mike Curtiss
6 62  Steven Pelke
7 28  Robert Kerber
8 01  Sabrina Booth
dns 13  Randy Riever
Fast Heat
1 7L  Dane Long
2 83  Jeremy Lutz
3 88  Cody Eglon
4 24s  Amber Slagle
5 45  Joe Barnhart
6 87  Andrew Ritter
7 73  Earl Miles
8 23  JD  Hancock
LQ 48  Craig Stephens
Heat 2
1 2  John Trudell
2 79  Tom Coleman
3 2x  Jerry Schroll
4 02  Martin French
5 71  David Elliott
6 89  Tony Pastorino
7 27  Quinten Bethke
dns 48  Craig Stephens
Heat 3
1 34m  Mike Curtiss
2 62  Steven Pelky
3 01  Sabrina Booth
4 28  Robert Kerber
5 13  Dan Baschal
6 14  Mark Langs
BF 2  Shawn McCall
Duck's Point C Store - Pizza Dash
1 23  JD  Hancock
2 24s  Amber Slagle
3 45  Joe Barnhart
4 87  Andrew Ritter