June 8 Race Results

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Exciting Racing Precede Exciting Deals at Springport Motor Speedway

By: Chris Fobbe – Springport Motor Speedway

Springport, Michigan (6/8) – A beautiful night of racing saw some new and familiar faces to victory lane at the Springport Motor Speedway. Joe Barnhart would pick up his third feature win of the season in a rough and tumble Ducks Point C-Store A-Division feature. John Trudell would make his inaugural appearance in victory lane for the 2013 season in the AP Motors B-Division. Martin French made a second appearance in victory lane for the C-Division. Young Canadian Tristan Van Wieringen picked up his first career feature win in the Drive Train Specialists Modifieds and Aaron Taylor picked up his first Springport Motor Speedway feature in the Sport Stocks.

Barnhart was your Ducks Point C-Store A-Division feature winner, after an action packed race saw early leader Cody Eglon make an exit off the track after a mechanical issue sidelined him on lap nine. This handed the lead over to Jeremy Lutz who held the point until lap 19 of the 25-lap affair. Lutz and Barnhart would beat and bang around the 3/8s (.375) mile oval. Barnhart would prevail and took his third feature win of the season. Lutz was second with Justin Stephens, Amber Slagle and Dane Long completing the top five.

The AP Motors B-Division 20-lap feature event would see JD Hancock and John Trudell race it out for the lead, until the midway point, when Trudell was able to wrest the lead away. Trudell would run a torrid pace as he hung on to take the win over Chris Rugg, Hancock, Jordan Harvey and Jerry Schroll.

The C-Division feature had a 15-lap main event that made the top position looked cursed. Gator Williams would start on the pole in his first appearance of the season, and lead the opening two laps, but misfortune struck on lap three, spinning the driver around and out of the race. This would then hand the lead over to Randy Riever, who would tangle with Todd DeWaters for the top spot, giving DeWaters a hold up front, but misfortune would be the word of the race, as DeWaters suddenly pulled off on lap 10, just as Martin French dove to the bottom to swing by both top two drivers. French would hold his line and cruise to his second win of the season. Mark Langs was second with Riever, Sabrina Booth and Quinten Bethke completing the top five.

ABC Division heat races were won by DeWaters, JD Hanock and Jeremy Lutz, while the quick time was set by Joe Barnhart with a 16.461.

The Drive Train Specialists Modifieds were up next for a 30-lap feature. Damian Lytle started on the pole, and would lead the opening seven laps, but Chance Rice would take advantage of a restart and take command of the lead. Rice would look to have to car to beat in the early runnings, and he crossed the line first. However, an issue in post-race technical inspection would see the young driver from Charlotte disqualified, which would give the win to young Canadian driver Tristan Van Wieringen for his first career feature win. Damain Lytle was second with Wayne Haughton, Earl Miles and Walt Obrinske Jr. completing the top five. Heat races went to Mike Occhipinti and Nyle Weiler, while quick time was set by Dan Loughan with a blistering 15.845.

The final feature of the evening was the Sport Stocks. Pole sitter Brad Robison had some bad luck and suffered a mechanical issue on the green flag lap, handing the lead over to Michigan Motorsports Hall of Fame driver Dutch Taylor. Taylor would pace the field for the opening handful of laps, but it would be his grandson Aaron taking the point on lap six. Aaron would immediately have his bumper full with most recent feature winner Richard Peck shadowing him around the Speedway. Peck would do all he could, but would have to settle for second to the young man from Jackson. Third would fall to D. Taylor, while William Hartman and Patrick Dennison completed the top five. D. Taylor and Peck were heat race winners, while Peck also set fast time with an 18.895.

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Drive Train Specialists - Modifieds

June 8 Race Results
1 81  Tristan Van Wieringen
2 559  Damian Lytle
3 32  Wayne Houghton
4 73  Earl Miles
5 t3  Walt Obrinske Jr
6 12x  Mike Occhipinti
7 72  Dan Loughan
8 5  David Winans
9 05  Brian Roes
10 74  John Wozniak
11 68  Steve Rollins
12 M1  Bill Butler
13 40  Tim Rodgers
14 27  Nyle Weiler
DQ 36  Chance Rice
4 Car Dash
1 36  Chance Rice
2 81  Tristan Van Wieringen
3 05  Brian Roes
4 72  Dan Loughan
Fast Heat
1 27  Nyle Weiler
2 36  Chance Rice
3 559  Damian Lytle
4 05  Brian Roes
5 81  Tristan Van Wieringen
6 32  Wayne Houghton
7 5  David Winans
DNS 72  Dan Loughan
Heat 2
1 12x  Mike Occhipinti
2 t3  Walt Obrinske Jr
3 73  Earl Miles
4 68  Steve Rollins
5 M1  Bill Butler
6 74  John Wozniak
7 40  Tim Rodgers


Stock Car ABC
June 8 Race Results
Duck's Point C Store A Class
1 45  Joe Barnhart
2 83  Jeremy Lutz
3 81  Justin Stephens
4 24  Amber Slagle
5 7L  Dane Long
6 87  Andrew Ritter
7 88  Cody Eglon
8 79  Tom Coleman
AP Auto Sales of Jackson B Class
1 2  John Trudell
2 34  Chris Rugg
3 23  JD Hancock
4 07  Jordan Harvey
5 2x  Jerry Sxchroll
6 48  Craig Stephens
7 93  Juston Eidenier
SMS C Class
1 02  Martin French
2 14  Mark Langs
3 13  Randy Riever
4 01  Sabrina Booth
5 27  Quinten Bethke
6 32 Todd DeWaters
7 28  Robert Kerber
8 69  Allen 'Gator' Williams
Fast Heat
1 83  Jeremy Lutz
2 24  Amber Slagle
3 45  Joe Barnhart
4 79  Tom Coleman
5 81  Justin Stephens
6 88  Cody Eglon
7 87  Andrew Ritter
8 7L  Dane Long
Heat 2
1 23  JD Hancock
2 07  Jordan Harvey
3 34  Chris Rugg
4 2  John Trudell
5 2x  Jerry Sxchroll
6 93  Juston Eidenier
7 48  Craig Stephens
Heat 3
1 32 Todd DeWaters
2 14  Mark Langs
3 02  Martin French
4 69  Allen 'Gator' Williams
5 28  Robert Kerber
6 01  Sabrina Booth
7 13  Randy Riever
8 27  Quinten Bethke
Port Sport Stocks
June 8 Race Results
1 22  Aaron Taylor
2 14  Richard Peck
3 22x  Dutch Taylor
4 07  William Hartman
5 38  Patrick Denison
6 67  Gary Martin
7 72  Johnny Ridley
8 00  Tina Lewis
9 36  Ron Frizzell
10 12  Marq Eaton
11 Brad Robison
Fast Heat
1 14  Richard Peck
2 22  Aaron Taylor
3 72  Johnny Ridley
4 07  William Hartman
5 00  Tina Lewis
6 36  Ron Frizzell
Heat 2
1 22x  Dutch Taylor
2 67  Gary Martin
3 Brad Robison
4 12  Marq Eaton
DNS 38  Patrick Denison