Kelly Brown #11 Sport Stock

Written by Kelly Brown.

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Kelly Brown #11 Sport Stock - R

Kelly Brown, Car Number: 11, Sport Stock - Rookie
Age: 36, Hometown: Middle Lake of Hastings Mi

Nickname: KB

Meet the Kelly Brown Racing Team:

Car Owner: Kelly Brown Ken Taylor Rob Taylor
Crew and Team Members: Jerry Gillespie, Jasce brown, Ken and Rob Taylor
Sponsors : We are sponsored by our own pocket book !!! Driving the #11 Mustang that Ken Taylor drove last year, We will start racing next week 6-16 but we are running this Sunday for the enduro in a dodge avenger #11 We call Middle Lake in Hastings MI home. We are part owner of the 27 ABC car driven by my brother in law Ken Taylor.

Sponsors: West Michigan Property MGMT, PMT Preservation (our own companies)
Special thanks to: Paula Taylor (GF) Ken and Rob Taylor , Jerry Gillespie and Jasce Brown
No Car Photo Uploaded Family and Friends: Paula Taylor - Girlfriend, son Jasce Brown, daughter Kayden Brown brother in law Ken Taylor #27

Getting to know Kelly Brown:

Favorite Racing Memory: Havent raced at Springport but pitted for Ken Taylor at several races at Galesburg and SMS, this is my rookie season
Racing Accomplishments: Rookie Season
Competitor I respect :
No Team Photo Uploaded My 2012 Racing Goals: Not tear up our car to bad !!!
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