Kid Birthday Parties

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How would you like to create a memory with your son or daughter which will last a lifetime ?

kids-bikeWhile an afternoon at Chuck-e-Cheese or the McDonald's Playland might be quick and easy, ten years from today will your child come to you and say "Do you remember the time.." 

There are other exotic birthday parties for the rich and famous, which you might be able to take a small loan out to afford and spend your child's college education plan paying for.

But at Springport Motor Speedway, we can give you the BEST of both worlds.

A memory they will never forget at a price you'll never forget.  "Mom, Dad, Do you remember the time we got to drop the green flag at Springport Motor Speedway"

For those looking to create a special occasion, our kids birthday party packages are designed for those looking for complete packages which are affordable. Springport Motor Speedway has assembled a group event team which will assist you in setting up your event in advance and be your personal birthday party consultant insuring your child, their friends and your family have a birthday which leave a lasting impression in their heart. Our kids birthday parties also allow for private entertaining so you are not mixed in with the general public. We also offer a wide variety of upgrades such as catering, custom awards, party favors, on-track participation, bus rides and more.

Contact Pam Parish at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to request a date and price quotes.

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