Kid Birthday Parties

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How would you like to create a memory with your son or daughter which will last a lifetime ?

kids-bikeWhile an afternoon at Chuck-e-Cheese or the McDonald's Playland might be quick and easy, ten years from today will your child come to you and say "Do you remember the time.." 

There are other exotic birthday parties for the rich and famous, which you might be able to take a small loan out to afford and spend your child's college education plan paying for.

But at Springport Motor Speedway, we can give you the BEST of both worlds.

A memory they will never forget at a price you'll never forget.  "Mom, Dad, Do you remember the time we got to drop the green flag at Springport Motor Speedway"

For those looking to create a special occasion, our kids birthday party packages are designed for those looking for complete packages which are affordable. Springport Motor Speedway has assembled a group event team which will assist you in setting up your event in advance and be your personal birthday party consultant insuring your child, their friends and your family have a birthday which leave a lasting impression in their heart. Our kids birthday parties also allow for private entertaining so you are not mixed in with the general public. We also offer a wide variety of upgrades such as catering, custom awards, party favors, on-track participation, bus rides and more.

Kids_Party_packClassic Speedtastic Birthday Party : 8 children, 2 adults, 10 hot dogs, 10 fries, 10 pops, racing themed plates, cups, napkins. 8 Speedway Treat Bags, 1 Dozen race car bubbles, 1 Dozen race car gummy treat bags, 1 Pack racing temporary tattoos, and a trackster toy for the birthday boy or girl.  PLUS - a private race bus ride around the speedway, your very own meet & greet with a race car, and the birthday celebrate gets to climb to the top of the flag stand and wave the green flag to start an actual race !  Booked before February 1st, 2013, this package could be ready for your summer birthday party for just $89.

Want to double the size of the party ?  Twice the kids, twice the adults, twice the food, gifts, and fun...  at half the price !!  Its true, for just $134, when booked before January 1st, 2012.

Planning a bigger party and need more stuff for the kids ?  Add kids by the Half Dozen for $29.  22 kids & 4 adults = $163.  28 kids and 5 adults = $192.  34 kids and 6 adults = $221.  

Looking for something a little more elaborate, a lot more fun with extra perks and benefits for you birthday race track rock star ?

Rock Star Birthday Pizza Party: We start with everything in the Classic Speedtastic Birthday Party for 16 kids and 4 adults, but substitute Pizza for the dogs and fries.  Then we add in a race track scavenger hunt, a ride in the pace car for the birthday family, a guided tour through the pits for everyone where you'll get to met real live actual racers at their car and in their pit.

And then for the grand finale, the entire crowd will sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your birthday boy or girl, while they stand high atop the flag stand for all to see.  It will be a memory they will NEVER forget !  This package booked before January 1st, 2012 is only $199.  Planning a bigger party and need more stuff for the kids ?  Add kids by the Half Dozen for $39.  22 kids & 4 adults = $238.  28 kids and 5 adults = $277.  34 kids and 6 adults = $316.

Race Themed Birthday CakeWhat's a Birthday Party without a Cake ?

Springport Motor Speedway working with our birthday party suppliers has several cake options just for you !  Lighting McQueen cakes, Race Track Cakes, Favorite Driver Cakes, Favorite Number Cakes, Checkered Flag Cakes, Tator Cakes, or even personalized cakes with your son or daughter as the featured face !!    

So don't wait..  the perfect birthday party takes a little bit of planning and its like the date isn't unknown to you, so lock it up today and get it off your mind and onto our schedule today !

nascar-bikeTop it all off with a racing theme'd bike !!

Springport Motor Speedway will hand deliver to your birthday a racing themed bicycle as a birthday present from you to your son or daughter.  Available in boy or girls colors, available in 16", 18" or 20" sizes (with or without training wheels), we'll fully assemble and deliver this bike to your child and let them ride it on the track !  Again..  a birthday experience they will NEVER forget.  

This bike can be added to any birthday party package for just $129.  You can't even drive to the store and beat that price..   don't delay, lets get your child's birthday party race experience booked today. Call Jeff at 989.395.0933 to hold the spot in 2013 for your childs memory at the speedway!



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