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Welcome to the Springport Motor Speedway Racing Community Page.

Here will we try our best to direct you to the various aspects of our racing community.

Springport Motor Speedway is very proud of our ladies auxilary, called PWR!  PWR is the "Proud Women of Racing" for Springport.  These driven women are dedicated to the success of Springport Motor Speedway and bring a ladies touch to our venue.  You will find PWR carrying out community efforts like our Race to Read Program.  They monitor the Beacon Sales Kid Zone.  They are a support network to give racers and their families a point of contact in times of need.

What is a race track without racers?  We invite you to check out all the spirited men and women of Springport Motor Speedway by visiting our driver's profile page.  Driver Profiles are created and updated by the drivers themselves.  Find out where your favorite driver is from, learn a little bit more about his/her background, how they got started in racing, what their favorite memory is, who the people and businesses are whom support their racing effort.  It is very important that as a racing community, we recoginize the people and the businesses that support short track racing that that we support them.


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