Rich Kinch #63 ABC

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Rich Kinch

Rich Kinch #63 ABC -

Rich Kinch, Car Number: 63, ABC Street Stock -
Age: 50, Hometown: Jackson, MI


Meet the Rich Kinch Racing Team:

Car Owner: Rich Kinch
Crew and Team Members: Kathy ,Shawn , jared , Rob, Tobey, Team Lutz and Kayla
Sponsors : Albion Motors Big Lot, Sheets Family Dentistry, Mighty Auto Parks, Miller Farms and J.C. Vinyl Graphix.
Special thanks to: Thanks to all the family and freinds and sponsors that have made it poss for me to race for 30 years
Rich Kinch #63 Family and Friends:

Getting to know Rich Kinch:

Favorite Racing Memory: 1. When a little boy came out of the stands for meet the drivers and had a homemade 63 hat and told me i was his favorite driver . I gave him a photo and a team hat that was real special. 2. Watching my nephew rob win in my car the first time he ever raced.
Racing Accomplishments: 2nd in points winner of the jackson car show / top 10 in points many times / 30 th year in racing this year
Competitor I respect :
Kathy ,Shawn , jared , Rob, Tobey, Team Lutz and Kayla My 2012 Racing Goals:
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