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Riverside Gear was founded to serve the manual transmission, drive shaft and differential needs of racers, street enthusiasts and everyone in between. They began their business rsg-logoventure in 1996 and to this day continue doing business only one way, one customer's needs at a time. Specializing in drive line only, means they can stock high quality products, and combine them with one-on-one customer service to get you the best possible results. Robert Casaday, the owner and founder is their resident "Muncie" specialist with over 30 years experience in the repair and driveline field, he will cheerfully help you with whatever manual transmission, drive shaft, or differential need or question you may have. Jeff Klont, known to the Riverside Gear family as "Igor", is the resident drive line technician with 30+ years experience in this field, he can solve your most difficult problems first, and the impossible he saves for his evening "meditation". Riverside Gear are in business to serve you.

Speedway Entertainment Group President and Springport Motor Speedway promoter Jeff Parish said, ‚ÄúRiverside Gear are suppliers of brand name driveline components such as logoAuto Gear Company for Muncie parts, Auburn Gear Performance Differentials, Dana Spicer Differential and Axle parts, and Eaton Performance Differentials. They are Warehouse Distributors for Motive Gear and Motive Gear Performance.  They are also suppliers for top quality name brand driveshaft parts from Dana, Spicer, and NEAPCO. This is a local company, putting local people to work, supporting the community we live in, play in, and worship in. We couldn't be happier to have them be a partner with us at the speedway.

Look for Riverside Gear in the official 2012 Springport Motor Speedway program the next time you are at the Speedway.

Springport Motor Speedway is proud to have Riverside Gear as a valued partner at the speedway and a key contributor to our sponsor family. We endorse their products, services and people and we encourage our fans, drivers, their sponsors and extended racing family to include Superior Sales & Service in their consideration when making an automotive driveline purchase decision or when needing service.  We encourage you to support the sponsors that support short track racing.


Jeff & Pam Parish

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