Sabrina Booth #01 ABC

Written by Sabrina Booth.

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Sabrina Booth #01 ABC -

sabrina booth, Car Number: 01, ABC Street Stock -
Age: 34, Hometown: concord mi


Meet the sabrina booth Racing Team:

Car Owner: sabrina and scott booth
Crew and Team Members: scott booth chuck ewing
Sponsors : Precision engine,,Glens Glass outlaw custom paint
Special thanks to: scott, chuck scott moe Damon place
sabrina booth #01 Family and Friends: scott booth,kids ,paul, cedric , ashley

Getting to know sabrina booth:

Favorite Racing Memory: leading 5 laps in the first race i run in win a championship in the c class in 2012
Racing Accomplishments: finished in the top 10 in points
Competitor I respect :scott booth, chuck ewing. Damon place
No Team Photo Uploaded My 2012 Racing Goals: race and have fun
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