Sept 21 Michigan Cup

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Michigan Cup – End of Season Invite


The fun week starts Thursday with our regular practice. Practice starts at 3PM and goes until dusk. As usual our concession stand will be open with free hot dogs and drinks. Practice Passes are $15 for driver and crew and $5 for family or observers.

Friday is a second Michigan Cup Practice. Practice opens up at 2PM and goes until Dusk. Pricing is the same as above and our concession will be open with a limited menu. Friday after dark we will set up the “drive-in” movie area and play a movie for everyone’s enjoyment. Movie title to be announced. No charge to view the movie once practice is complete.


We would love to have you come out and camp with us Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night. Our camping rules are simple. In the pit area we only have one campfire in our designated fire pit. You may have your own campfire in the parking area on either side of the pit entrance if you wish. You are welcome to set up a tent or camper/RV in-line with your pit slab and camp inside the gate if you wish.


Our concession will open Saturday morning with Breakfast Pizza by our A class Sponsor DUCK’S POINT C STORE. Coffee, hot chocolate and pop will be available also.

The pit gate will open for bands at 1PM. Hot laps will start at 2PM. Qualifying will start at 5PM. Drivers Meeting at 6:15, 6:45 will be opening ceremonies and racing starting by 7PM

The program will be a regular Saturday Program with Mods, A Stock , B Stock, C Stock and Sport Stocks. Time will be critical so the program will move right along.


Pricing will be at regular race day pricing both front and pit sides.

Pit Passes: Adults $25, Kids 6-12 $15, 5 and under FREE
Kids under 18 must have signed waiver with both Parents

Grandstand Passes: Adults $10, kids 21 and under are FREE
Good Neighbor Town: Olivet ID gets you in FREE


During the day Saturday we will be roasting a whole hog on our track roaster. After the races Saturday everyone will be invited for an End Of Season PIG OUT BUFFET!! NO CHARGE FOR ANYONE!! The track will supply the PIG, MACARONI SALAD, POTATO SALAD AND BAKED BEANS. Please bring a dish to pass if you can. Everyone is invited from the Grandstands and the Pits. We are working on a band at this time.

Again everyone is welcome to camp and stay overnight. Coolers are welcome. Campfires outside the gates are fine as explained in the camping section above. Stay Sunday and hang out and enjoy a casual Sunday with your friends at the track.


I’m going to try to answer your questions about the event here if I can.

  1. Why not a traditional Michigan Cup Three day event?
    1. There are several reasons we went with this format rather than formats of Michigan Cup from the past.
      1. Half or more of Michigan Cup Racers want to race for features only and on Sunday only. This brings in all sorts of pricing, timing, and line up issues that are frankly a huge pain.
      2. Our grandstand customers are used to Saturday Racing. Sunday shows are always poorly attended. This puts added pricing pressure on the pit side that we are not comfortable with.
      3. A three day show increases the costs for the track by slightly more than a factor of 3, with insurance and staffing requirements. This adds pressure on pricing both for the gate and the pits. It requires us to set pricing levels up to a point where they create controversy and bring in additional problems for the teams that only want to race on the feature day because of the price pressure it puts on the single day pit passes for a three day event.
      4. We want to be able to focus on a fun event that is affordable for everybody as an end of season celebration. Having the teams, the fans and the track shell out big bucks to come and have fun is really a downer for everybody. We think this format will work well and not wipe out everyone’s wallets right at the end of the season.
  2. Why no fires inside the pit gates?
    1. Again there are several reasons why we chose to restrict fires to outside the gates?
      1. The mowers we use for the pit areas are less able to cope with debris from fires that might be missed on cleanup.
      2. We worry about fires with all the race car fuels and oils in the pit area.
      3. We are very proud of our nice pit area and are reluctant to have fire burns in the grass
  3. Does it cost more if you eat the PIG OUT BUFFET after the races?
    1. NO! Everybody can eat from both the pit side and the grandstand side. There is no charge for this.
  4. Do I have to bring a dish in order to eat?
    1. NO! You do not have to bring a dish but we would love it if you do. Remember, the track has very limited cooler space. If you bring a dish that has to be kept cool be sure to bring a way to keep it cool until the PIG OUT BUFFET is ready to go.
  5. What is the payout?
    1. In order to keep pricing pressure down our payout will be our normal Saturday night payout. Send Out Cards will be providing Trophies for the winners and a $100 fast qualifier bonus for each class.
    2. Heat races will be $15, $10 and $5 for the top three in each race and will be paid in cash.
  6. What is the pricing?
    1. The pricing, both grandstand and pit side will be the same as a regular Saturday show.
    2. Pit passes and $5 heat cards will be accepted as usual.

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