Short Track Ride-Along Experience

Written by SMS Admin.

Experience real life short track racing thrills by riding shotgun in a 2-seat ABC Street Stock race truck driven by one of our professional drivers in an 8-lap simulated qualifying run at speeds which will take your breath away! For 2014 and 2015 this incredible truck is sponsored by JEG's

Climb into a real race truck, procured from the racing series, experience first hand what it's like to blow down the straight away and see your friends and family whiz by! Feel the G-force as your body strains against the five-point racing harness and your race car dives down into turn one then accelerates out of turn two coming inches away from the wall while your the Hoosier racing tires howl in protest. 

After eight heart pounding laps, we guarantee you will climb out of your race car grinning from ear to ear. 

Stock car rides make great gifts that will be remembered for a lifetime! 

And they are variable in price depending on your family budget! Call Jeff at 989.395.0933


Springport Motor Speedway's Short Track Ride-Along Experience is available in two degree's of engagement. Youth/Basic, Adult/Advanced. 

Youth/Basic is for minor children and/or adults who are interesting in experiencing what real life short track racing is like, without the trauma of wide open speed and the risk of wall slamming action. 

two-seaterAdult/Advanced is for adults (no minor children) who want to live life on the edge and get fully experience just how fast and close to the wall our professional driving instructors can get. We want to make you scream. 

The Ride-Along program is available on THU afternoons and evenings and Sunday afternoons. Ride-Alongs should be scheduled in advance to guarantee availability.