Written by SMS Admin.

Springport Motor Speedway is very proud to be able to offer a wide range of services and ammenties to the local business community, our great fans and supporters, to our teams and their sponsors.

In 2015, we invite you to hold your next COMPANY OUTING at the Speedway.  

A company outing has many purposes: thanking employees for their hard work, establishing friendships outside office walls, marking an important company milestone, team building and motivating employees.  Whether it is the atmosphere, getting to know your fellow associates, or the complimentary food and drink, company outings prove to be a pick-me-up for many employees and money well spent by the smart business organization looking to improve productivity.

Visit our COMPANY OUTING PAGE and see how Springport Motor Speedway can accomplish all that and more.

Another feature for groups and organizations is our newly formed GROUP EVENT PACKAGES.

Springport Motor Speedway offers a tremendous setting in heart of Mid-Michigan for church groups, little leagues, union gatherings, scout packs, schools, class reunions, professional associations, friends, family, and more for a group event.

Where else can you take advantage of great outdoor facility with the amenties of a state park, with great motorsports action found exclusively at a short track racing venue and the ambience of cheering fans & great fun than with a Springport Motor Speedway Group Event?

Read more about GROUP EVENTS

Moving forward at Springport Motor Speedway, you are going to see an emphasis on children and kid events.  Short Track Racing needs more children involved at the Speedway and we are going to go the extra mile to make sure kids have a place at Springport Motor Speedway.  To this end, we have introduced a number of KIDS BIRTHDAY PACKAGES to help families celebrate their son or daughters birthday in Speedway fashion.

While an afternoon at Chuck-e-Cheese or the McDonald's Playland might be quick and easy, ten years from today will your child come to you and say "Do you remember the time.."

There are other exotic birthday parties for the rich and famous, which you might be able to take a small loan out to afford and spend your child's college education plan paying for.

But at Springport Motor Speedway, we can give you the BEST of both worlds.

Read more about Kid Birthday Parties

Race Teams and/or Speed Organizations and Car Clubs, if you are looking for the special place to excercise your team, club or organization; Springport Motor Speedway is just the place for you.  We have several TRACK RENTAL options available and we can suit almost any teams needs.

So if you are an ARCA, CRA, IMSA, MSA or any other santioning body looking to hold a test day, a private tech & safety inspection for your cars, we offer special rates and special incentives to bring your sanctioning crew to Springport Motor Speedway.  

Teams, looking to get in a little extra practice in a "private" setting (aka - no onlookers), we can accomidate you at Springport Motor Speedway with closed doors testing sessions.

Car Clubs, bring those Corvettes, Mustangs, Mopars, Classic American Muscle Cars, Modern Street Warriors and Tuners, Drift Clubs...   come on out to Springport Motor Speedway and leave the stress of local law enforcement officers behind.  Put the pedal to the metal and see just how fast your cars can go.