The real cabin fever....

Written by SMS Admin.

Springport April 5th, 2014
   Can you remember ever anticipating spring and nice weather more than this year?  With each little glimpse of a warm day we get, I get itching to get out to the track more and more. We've made it out a few times. The frost is taking it's time getting out of the ground, so we have been very restrictive in what vehicles we allow where on the grounds. We try very hard to keep the pits from getting trenched up and rutted.
  We've had some inquiries from teams about private testing at the facility and we are going to be happy to oblige them as soon as we can get their haulers in and out of the track without getting stuck! With every new season, we get teams that have rookies breaking into the CRA ranks and they are interested in getting some laps in.
.cra_autograph_session It's always a pleasure to meet these young people and to see where they end up as a few years go past. Pam and I have been promoting a few years now and have been at some great facilities. We've had tour racing at these facilities prior to coming to Springport. One of our former competitors just won his first race in the Nationwide Series at Texas Motor Speedway.
Chase Elliot raced with us a few times in the past. We can say he is indeed a talented, polite young man. He won a CRA Super Late Model event we had at Dixie Motor Speedway.  CRA is a stepping stone for these young people that have aspriations of driving professionally. If you would like to meet them while they are young a CRA event is a good place to do this. Chad Finley did a great job last year at our event battling it out with talent from the midwest. We are looking forward to seeing another great battle this year 
   Last weekend we headed out to get a good survey of the land and do a little cleaning up. We got the tech barn cleaned up for our first delivery of tires. Our first load of American Racers should be in Sunday Afternoon. Hoosiers should be coming very soon.
  We've been at work in the community working on sponsor programs for 2014 and we have some interest from some brand new businesses and many of our former sponsors from 2013 are returning. We are very blessed to have customers that find the value in advertising with a stock car track and that we have drivers and fans that understand this value and support them. 

    Finally this week will bring some much needed sunshine and warmth. This is needed to warm up the surface beneath the speedway. When there is a high concentration of moisture under the racing surface the track can develop weepers (water that seeps from cracks in the racing surface) A good week of warm weather will do us well to head these things off. 
  It felt good to get out and get a couple days work in at the track. We had really developed a true sense of "cabin fever" - the real kind! the kind where things frustrate you because you are stuck indoors, due to the never ending winter of 2013! We are looking forward to seeing you all again very soon, face to face at our first race of the season - The Cabin Fever 100! Sunday May 4th.