2014 Tire Policy

Written by SMS Admin.

Springport Motor Speedway Tire Rules
Revision January 24, 2014
Over the last few months we have been working to find a way to lower the cost to compete at SMS. In that vein we have had a couple tire tests and much discussion both internally and with our driver customers. We believe the AR970 tire at this point is one way to lower those costs but still maintain competitive racing. Because of the variables involved with tire testing rather than unilaterally mandating a tire change we have decided to allow both the American Racer and the Hoosier tire for the 2014 racing season and let the driver make their own decision on what tire is best for them and their race program.Revision January 12, 2014
In addition we have added a series of tire cost savings measures that will revolve around what we are calling a Virtual Tire Inventory. You could also think of it as an Internet Cloud Impound. SMS will not impound or keep your tires, you will maintain control of your tires at all times. SMS will employ a Tire Manager to keep a Virtual 
Inventory of the tires you will be allowed to use at SMS tracked by either the bar code numbers or the DOT numbers. Your inventory will consist of a maximum of eight tires. Twice over the course of the season you may add four new sticker tires into your inventory, all other nights the maximum new sticker tires you will be allowed to add into your inventory any given week will be two.

The Tire Manager will be located in the tech barn on the tech side he or she will be there for you to present your tires to be added to your tire inventory. The Tire Manager must personally see and record the tire into your inventory and you must chose what tires you want removed from your inventory if you have reached your maximum inventory level of eight.

SMS will not police or be concerned how many tires you purchase or where you purchase them from. Only how many and of what type are added to your inventory. You may only qualify and race on tires that have been recorded as in your inventory no later than one hour before qualifying starts.

You may only add four sticker new tires in one night to inventory twice over the course of the season. You may add tires to your inventory at any time the track is open including Thursday practices. You may only add new sticker tires once per week but you may add or subtract used tires as often as you want prior to the cutoff time.

The other cost savings measure we are implementing is you may not qualify on new sticker tires and you must race on the tires you qualify with. Your tires will be marked before qualifying and those are the tires you must run the rest of the night.

Look over our written tire rules, we believe they will answer your concerns or questions. Understand that a careful tire program will still trump a careless one and a careful program can minimize the impact of these rules as they could with any set of rules short of a full impound and the added expense to the teams that are included with impounds.

1) Springport Motor Speedway will allow both the American Racer 970 and the Hoosier 970 tire.

2) You must race (heat and feature) on the tires you qualify on.

3) You may not qualify new (stickered) tires of either brand. All tires must be scuffed before qualifying.

3a. If you fail to make a qualifying attempt, at the race directors discretion you may be allowed to start at the back of your heat race in order to scuff your event tires before the feature.

3b. Under no circumstance will you be allowed to start a feature race with sticker tires. You must use confirmed used tires from your virtual inventory. They must be recorded into your inventory and have the event marking showing.

4) You must you run the same brand on all four corners, no mixing of brands.

5) Springport Motor Speedway will keep a virtual inventory of your eligible tires. You may not qualify or race on a tire that is not in your virtual inventory recorded at the Speedway prior to the event. We will make virtual inventory changes for you at Thursday practices.

6) Your virtual tire inventory may not contain more than eight (8) tires of either brand in any combination of brands.

7) You be allowed to add four new (stickered) tires to your virtual inventory on two nights during the race season.

8) Other than the two, four tire nights you will be allowed to add only two new (stickered) tires to your virtual inventory on any event night.

9) All virtual inventory changes must be made before the event starts.

10) When a tire is added to your inventory, you must remove one so as to maintain no more than eight (8) race eligible tires.

11) Any changes to your virtual inventory must be recorded with the SMS Tire Manager no later than one hour before the start of qualifying. In general that will be 4:00 PM.

12) If you have a flat tire or a tire that must be replaced you must use a tire that is currently in your virtual inventory.

12a. Flats before the feature but after the tires have been marked for the event, the replacement tire must be approved and marked by the head tech official and already exist in your virtual inventory.

12b. Flats during the feature must be drawn from your virtual inventory and must be marked by the Line Up person as a confirmed not new tire.

12bi. In order to allow time for marking you will be considered on the racing surface for purposes of your three lap grace period once you cross the white line drawn on the chute road for that purpose.

13) At the end of each feature at least the top three finishers from each event must report to tech. All four tires will be confirmed to be marked with the day’s event mark and as well as being in your virtual inventory.

14) If you arrive after the one hour before qualifying cut off time you must conform to the following procedure.

14a. Contact the Pit Steward

14b. Contact the Tire Manager and either create your tire inventory or make any changes to your tire inventory prior to either being allowed to qualify or being placed in a heat race.

14c. Get the daily tire marking from the tech director.

15) It is your responsibility to insure that your tires are properly recorded in your virtual tire inventory and are properly marked with the current daily mark. The track will not track you down to confirm your tires are properly recorded. You are completely responsible to insure the tires are recorded and confirmed by you as being correct. There will be no discussion after the fact about the veracity of tire numbers in your inventory. The SMS Tire Manager will provide you with a record of your tire inventory at your request any time before the hour prior to qualifying cutoff.

16) If you are found to be on a tire not marked with the current daily mark or not in your virtual inventory you will lose all pay and points for that event. In addition you will be suspended for the next two events for your class. The three events will not be allowed to be used as your points throw away nights and will count as zero points night towards your season total.

17) Tire Soak is not allowed at Springport Motor Speedway. The penalty for soaked tires will be the loss of pay and points for that night. In addition you will be suspended for the next two events for your class. The three events will not be allowed to be used as your points throw away nights and will count as zero points nights towards your season total.

17a. If your tires are suspected of being soaked or tampered with the suspected tire/s will be confiscated. They will sent for lab analysis. If they are found to be soaked or tampered with the above penalties will apply.

18) No recaps allowed, no altered bar codes nor altered DOT numbers allowed.

19) If you are participating in a traveling series show at SMS the traveling series tire rules will apply