Track Rentals

Written by SMS Admin.

Springport Motor Speedway has approximately 70 acres of beautiful grounds to host your event.

Race Team:
SMS has an open practice for any and all types of race cars weekly on Thursdays
Pits open at 4:00pm
Motors on from 5:00pm - dusk
Practice Pit Passes are $15 each, and your dinner is included.
Stop in and visit when you get hungry or thirsty, and visit with Jeff and Pam.
Tires and fuel will be available for purchase during practice times.

If a more private setting is desired, or Thursday is a conflict, a private practice can be made available.  The track is available to rent by appointment for film crews, commercial production,private stock car testing, prototype development in the automotive aftermarket, team building ect. 
Please contact Jeff Parish (989)395.0933 to schedule a date and arrange the details.


Car Club:






Group/Club Event

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