Trina Wurmnest #T17 SPRT

Written by Trina Wurmnest.

Trina Wurmnest

Trina Wurmnest #T17 SPRT -

Trina Wurmnest, Car Number: T17, Sport Stock -
Age: 46, Hometown: Lansing

Nickname: Grumpy

Meet the Trina Wurmnest Racing Team:

Car Owner: Tom Newman and Trina Wurmnest
Crew and Team Members: Tom Newman and Nikki Johnson
Sponsors : LaPratt Welding & Fabrication, Grumpy's Diner, Cats Part Mart & Brodberg Band
Special thanks to: Tom, Nikki, Dick LaPratt, Scott Sigman, Ma Newman, Todd & Yogi Metz
Trina Wurmnest #T17 Family and Friends: Tom, daughters Nikole and Kelly and granddaughter Hailey

Getting to know Trina Wurmnest:

Favorite Racing Memory: My favorite racing memory was my rookie season in 2011 winning my first race at Spartan Speedway, having my dad from Williamston and my brother from Georgia coming to see his little sister race and finishing the season 8th in points
Racing Accomplishments: Been involved in racing for 19 years, drove my first powderpuff finished 8th, second powederpuff drove Jacob Newman's pony stock took 2nd, third year drove Jordan Harvey's street stock finsihed first and in 2011 was car owner and driver of a pony stock. Ran Owosso Nationals in 2010 qualified 18th my very first time in my street stock and racing at Owosso and finished 14th. Ran Michigan Cup in 2011 at Springport qualified 6th, after being involved in a major accident during Saturday's heat race and with lots of help from other racing teams putting the car back together took 6th in Sunday feature. Special thanks to Team Neon..... (Metz, Mike & Chris Westphal, Darren Wright, Dan Lewis & Ashley Passick, Dick LaPratt, Jr Jones, and Gordy (from Northside Wreaker)
Competitor I respect :I respect all the drivers but admire the ones that have been racing for years
Tom Newman and Nikki Johnson My 2012 Racing Goals: My goal for 2012 is to race at Springport Motor Speedway and win my first feature race
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