Wayne Haughton #32 MOD

Written by wayne haughton.

Wayne Haughton

Wayne Haughton #32 MOD -

Wayne Haughton, Car Number: 32 35 38, Modified -
Age: 35, Hometown: charlotte,mi

Nickname: n/a

Meet the Wayne Haughton Racing Team:

Car Owner: Wayne Haughton /Gord ablious
Crew and Team Members: gord jess logan nique brian
Sponsors : Performance Vinyl Graphix
AM/FM racing
Top Notch driving academy
Beacon Sales and service
5 star tool and die
Special thanks to: To everyone that takes part in my life
Wayne Haughton #32  35  38 Family and Friends: Jessica Nique and Logan

Getting to know Wayne Haughton:

Favorite Racing Memory: Delaware Speedway and only those involved know why!! lol

Call of the wild
Racing Accomplishments:
Competitor I respect :
gord jess logan nique brian My 2012 Racing Goals: to have a fun save year
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