What is Wheels for Wheels?

Written by SMS Admin.

    If you've decided to read this article, chances are you are curious about the title "Wheels for Wheels". Wheels for Wheels is a charity event designed to generate funds to help young people with disabilities get equipment they need to become more mobile in their lives. 
Over the last year and a half, My son's recieved some medical help from Shriners Hospital in Chicago.  They have an illness that deteriorates the protective coating on the nerves in their spinal cord.

 The Shriners were able to help with some of the cost for the proceedure, but we needed to buy equipment for them. At that time, some equipment was donated anonymously for their usage. It came at a great time, because as many of you know, a stay or series of visits to any hospital can be expensive.

 Becuase of the generosity and the helpfulness of this donation, we sought out the charity that donated equipment to our kids during this critical time. In doing this a relationship was formed and our family wanted to see what we could do, to pay it forward for the next children who may need help. Our family was helped with wheel chairs and walkers while the kids began their long path to recovery via physical therapy. These items became and are part of their daily lives.

    The best way that we could think of to promote awareness for this cause was to promote a race. Racers are among the most generous people you know and they were very enthusiastic to see what they could do to help young people in need. The race generated money for the charity with sponsor donations, t-shirt sales and sticker sales. Fans also contributed to take part in a big pig roast that was held free of charge, all donations went back to the charity.    

    As time goes on we hope to make this event bigger and bigger each year. I can tell you this, as a father, these things made a tremedous difference in our kids lives. They went from being unable to walk no now being able to walk freely in Jon's case, to walking with the assistance of a walker in Zach's case. By all of us doing a little bit to help the next child in line, then we are helping kids gain back their independence, and their ability to at times run and play again with their friends. Kids that may not have been able to get these pieces of equipment are helped. It does not matter the families circumstance. This is our favorite part. In this age of rule and regulation it was a scary thought to think that due to a technicality some child may not get access to things they need. This is not the case at all. If you need it, and its available, its given to you. 


   Wheels for wheels is about all of us doing just a little - to help children in our surrounding communities. It feels good to be a part of this cause. 

   Wheels for Wheels 2014 will include the things from last events and more. We are anticipating a good turnout from last years racers attending again, and we have invited the top speed modified tour to participate with us this year for even a bigger race event! Over 30 modifieds are expected at this time.  If you are a potential sponsor reading about this for the first time, Wheels for Wheels is an incredible experience helping change young peoples lives for the better. We welcome you to come to the track and check things out. We can even introduce you to the young men in the photos who were helped by the generosity of a stranger. It has impacted them profoundly. Pictured below is the return trip they made to Chicago to present the check to "the kids equipment network" charity to help get equipment into the next young persons life. We ask your help in the future. It can make all the difference in the world to a young person.